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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Tekken 3 Rome: Total War Fifa 11 Gears of War 2 Super Street Fighter 4
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    Any Super Street Fighter IV players out there?

    SSF4s all I ever really play these days. My GTs my user name if your up for some games.
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    The 2010 Community's Top 100 - Now Closed

    Gears of war 2 Super Street fighter Tekken 5 Rome Total war Fifa 10 (or if you want to count it as the fifa series as a whole)
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    Your name as an acronym!

    KLC Kristrian Luke Coleman boo :( Kicking Little Children much better.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Kicks UK Sales Record's Ass

    There were more people getting the game in Sainsburys for £26 yesterday than there were people buying food.
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    Comeback Lines in Gaming

    Cry more. Its on my bio and all sorts.
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    UPDATE: Super Street Fighter IV Unveiled Tomorrow?

    The ultra bar is allot different in the 4th screen shot than it is in the game.
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    Sony Remastering God of War I and II for PS3

    Looks like I will be spending my first few EMA payments wisely :D
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    From Wii to 360 yet I can't do it

    Tell your mum the 360s a DVD player?
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    Japanese Slim PS3 Commercials Are Really Weird

    Why must every thing sony do be nit-picked. It wasn't that good an advert but there was nothing that creepy about it.
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    What's the Worst Fake British Accent You've Heard in a Film or TV Show?

    Its not funny please stop. From the little of the fable 2 cast I heard they all had pretty bad accents.
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    Stupidest thing you've done with your hair.

    I had perm put into my afro as a dare. Gel was then used to give me huge curls, I cut my hair later that day. Now the 'fros back bigger than ever thought my hairs usally in canerowns/braids w/e you want to call it.
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    Microsoft to Give Arcade 360 Price Hike in UK

    Isnt a arcade model with a hard drive just a standard 360?
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    The Street Fighter IV challenge

    Yes come one come all. Those of you who are new to the game or who just are just not very good CK and I will happily use one of are weaker characters (most likely CK im terrible with most others) Were just bored of fighting each other this is all just a bit of fun.