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    Armello Update Adds Amulets, Customizable House Rules

    Rot victory being hard is intended, so why would they fix it? If you play a high wit character, it's the most beneficial for succeeding in that path. For Prestige, it's no longer a major victory path when players are good enough to finish their quests by Dawn 6. The times I have prestige won...
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    Armello is a Wonderfully Unique Take on Fuzzy, Murderous Politics

    The wolves only look strongest until you master cardplay, which they are not good at. Likewise, high Fight characters make the most challenging AI because the AI doesn't use cards to their full effect. Brun the bear can annihilate Thane the wolf with his spellknight power.
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    Armello Preview - "It's Like Game of Thrones With Fluffy Animals"

    There's no hotseat feature, because of the prevalence of off turn card play, and the important "secret information" like your hand contents, your quest goal location, and even your position when stealth ed. The online multiplayer works through Steam or PS4 Network for Random or Friend's list...