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    Preview: Thief Didn't Steal the Show at E3 2013

    Not to mention that Gametrailers preview featured a brief, clunky as sin fight between Garret and a handful of guards. And I thought Dishonored's hand-to-hand combat was a little rough for my tastes... It's always hard to tell when a stealth game's clumsy combat is either an incentive for...
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    Dead Space 3: The Line

    From the look of things, it sounds like they missed a golden opportunity to pull a twist in the co-op. My original idea was that co-op wouldn't have significantly affected gameplay or mission structure in exchange for pulling a Fight Club-esque reveal, that Carver was a hallucination all along...
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    Ken Levine on BioShock Infinite's Bro-Tastic Cover Art

    Some context: College student. Community college bills, soon to be state university bills. I'd imagine quite a few "dudebros" find themselves in a similar situation, barring the few who walk away with scholarship funds. Working 20+ hours a week in my state, my average check may come to...
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    Ken Levine on BioShock Infinite's Bro-Tastic Cover Art

    Like I said, not since I was very young and didn't have the moral fortitude to consider my parent's finances. I did start following the game industry pretty heavily around fourteen years of age, so maybe I do have a head start on most, but it still seems implausible to me that people would be so...
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    Ken Levine on BioShock Infinite's Bro-Tastic Cover Art

    I keep hearing some developers and industry figureheads saying that box art often is the only factor some gamers make their purchasing decisions on. I've really got to question that line of thinking. The last (and possibly ONLY) time I ever did that was when I was ten years old and begging my...
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    So I need something to read

    Read The Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore. Sixteen books and counting last I checked. Salvatore's also a consultant for a lot of the Forgotten Realms/D&D lore they use so it's fun to see how things mix and match between his work and that of others. Really, you can't go wrong with it. It's...
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    Murder in Dragonborn Manor

    You've singlehandedly made me look forward to (eventually) being a parent. I could totally see myself enjoying more "Erin Stout, Parent Gamer Extraordinaire" strips.
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    Captain Harlock Creator Knighted By France

    ONE MORE TIME *Groovy House beat here* Good to hear. Always enjoyed his work, but have been meaning to pick up more. In other news, Van Damme is a Knight?
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    Moviebob's Re-Tales

    Great article, Bob. Saw your comments on twitter about the Sailor Moon story before and thought it'd make an interesting anecdote. Turns out that was right. Keep more of 'em coming.
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    Mojang, Square Enix, EA and Others Sued For Patent Infringement

    "In the business of finding big ideas"...and then suing the hell out of them, apparently. That Notch tweet is priceless, by the way.
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    What keyboard/synth would you recommend?

    I'd say the extent of crazy sounds we'd be reaching towards is any synth you might find on an In Flames album or Blind Guardian song, ala "Only for the Weak" or "Turn the Page" respectively. Anything that can do stuff like below and play a solid piano tone is pure gold to us...
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    What keyboard/synth would you recommend?

    First post ever. Feels...neat. Anyway, a good friend and I are working on writing music for an "almost complete" metal band. Not metalcore or any of that Attack Attack nonsense, but legitimate metal and rock. Think Blind Guardian and Helloween. However, the (frankly excellent) keys player...