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    Performance Anxiety

    Niall's version of Mega-Mol has SASSSSS! Look at that side eye!
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    Rebirth, Reboots, And The State Of The New 52

    In the title image the third bullet doesn't have an incoming trajectory line so it looks like you're shooting it out of your belly button. Good article though.
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    The Americanization of Doctor Who - For Better or Worse?

    Woefully written, sentences are jumbles of words and ideas with no clear point, paragraphs start on one track and jump to another seemingly at random and the conclusion makes the whole article feel pointless. Then there are the inaccuracies, too many to list, but an example right on the first...
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    Historical Blindness?

    Or given that's it's a biopic about the person, it might be best if it was honest about all aspects of that persons life and not just the ones that sell best...
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    Nolan Calls Marvel-Bashing Quote "Inaccurate" - Update

    I have no idea where the proper outlet to direct criticism of this guy's stuff is, there doesn't seem to be a comment section, so I'm just gonna throw this up here. That was an unashamedly awful piece. I've been trying to source some heartfelt criticism of Marvel's ongoing enterprise for some...
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    UPDATE: Try Yahtzee Croshaw's New Game Consuming Shadow

    Your handler from the Ministry of Occultism is Trilby right? I wonder when this takes places with regards to the rest of the Chzo Mythos timeline.
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    UPDATE: Try Yahtzee Croshaw's New Game Consuming Shadow

    Does the game always crash when the creepy guy appears after you find a piece of the banishment ritual?
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    Doctor Who's 12th Actor Revealed

    There's a history of this guys, Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor) had played an character in an earlier episode called Commander Maxxil, they handwaved this as him basing this regeneration off of Maxxil's body imprint. Freema Agyeman had a minor role in the (nu) series two finale before being cast as...
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    Sam the Man - Part II

    Given that, in his video reviews, his usual snapshot of "Best Super Hero Movies" goes Spiderman 2, Superman 2, The Dark Knight, I would assume that this is a case where he recognises TDK as an excellent movie (and important to the history of the genre in terms of public perception ect.) but it's...
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    The Big Picture: The Girl of Tomorrow

    Best advice I can give to anyone looking to "get into superhero comics" don't buy issues, buy trades. I'm living in the UK atm so I don't know what equivalent any of you guys would have to Forbidden Planet, but if I'm ever on a comics kick I just hit up my local and buy a couple of trades...
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    I wanna get into Dr. Who. How do I start?

    Not interested in debating the episodes merits, particular not when this sort of reductive, quote-spamming is the starting point. The fact that it provokes strong reactions both positive and negative is reason enough to watch the whole thing yourself and make up your own damn mind.
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    I wanna get into Dr. Who. How do I start?

    Well because I tried to include the really stand-out episodes as well as the broader plot important ones and to me this episode really stands out, it's probably the closest thing RTD ever gave to a thesis statement on why he thought it was important that Doctor Who came back. Also if you ever...
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    I wanna get into Dr. Who. How do I start?

    I'd Echo what most people here say, start with the first series of the revived show from 2005, with Big Chris and Billie Piper and work your way forward to the present. Then if you're really hungering for more check out some of the choice classic episodes (War Games, The Ark in Space, Pyramids...
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    BBC Only Showing Half as Much Doctor Who Next Year

    The four specials in 2009 had nothing to do with DT's commitments in Hamlet. Both he and Russel T. Davies the former show runner had already decided to move on before the specials were filmed. They were produced in that way to provide a Coda to the tenth doctor's story and allow the new...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fallout: New Vegas

    While the video was funny and it's always nice to change things up a bit, I have to ask: Where was the actual review bit? More in Extra Punctuation maybe?