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    Do you believe early access ruins the game?

    Not necessarily. Lousy devs who use it as an excuse to get money for an unfinished product do. Devs who take community feedback as gospel do. Devs who lose their motivation before properly finishing the game do. tl;dr: If a game is bad it is the fault of the devs, not the format. A otherwise...
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    Poll: Favorite holiday as you grow older

    I'm going to say Christmas, since my family basically just celebrates it as Thanksgiving Part 2: Revenge of the Turkey
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    This thread is Skeletons

    The skeletons with a gun in their hands! Wait hold on a sec.. Do not trust the poster below me, he is a skeleton.
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    Your favourite abridged characters

    I'm sorry but have you been living under an internet rock for the past eight years? OT: TFS Alucard is my favorite. Followed by Instructor Shardis.
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    BREAKING: Women of #GamerGate Make Breakthrough on HuffPo Live

    I think it already has.
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    Weird Things Your Pets Do

    One of my cats does something similar with water. He'll dip his paw in the bowl and then lick the water out of his fur.
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    We should not fear Ebola

    I think it's largely because Ebola is an INCREDIBLY unpleasant way to die. Everything else is secondary.
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    Guess what, DRM is now in Coffee

    It takes time. No one has time anymore.
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    The recent events at 4chan "love is ogre"

    /pol/'s theory that the NSA (or at least one of their employees) was behind The Fappening seems at least plausible. The false flagging bit not so much. 4chan is rumored to be a secretive person off in the far reaches of the kingdom. However when the protagonist finds them they discover that...
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    Poll: Emma Watson's Speech on Gender Equality

    I believe Macy's or some other major retailer was responsible for the Pink=Girls, Blue=Boys things. Prior to the 1900s or so they were interchangeable and before that reversed. As for the chef thing think about it like this: Cooking is a domestic task normally delegated to the mother. Being a...
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    Best Tabletop RPGs for GMs

    Personal favorite is FFG's 40k line. Simple core mechanic, modifiers can be easily determined for a given task and fairly balanced classes. Also the critical charts. Everyone should use those critical charts.