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    Capcom Shows Off Street Fighter V Gamplay Footage, Reveals New Character

    Could be wrong, but it looks like it's just a replacement for the ultra meter
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    Kim Dotcom Denied Access to US Extradition Evidence by NZ Top Court

    I can't contest the "months before the trial" part, but yes, you would present the thief with the evidence and witnesses against him before the trial. If you didn't, then no defense attorney would ever be able to obtain a verdict of not guilty because he'd be too busy being surprised by...
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    Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker Over Hateful Eight Links

    People can report on things just fine. Had Gawker merely reported on this, they wouldn't have used links to the full script as their article's main draw- that's not reporting. And if you check chimeracreator's post, you'll notice condition one of the fair use test, which gawker violated. On...
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    Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker Over Hateful Eight Links

    He does have a legal case though- Gawker, by publishing links to the script on their website profited from his IP. You can bet there were ads all over that page. In other news, crazy forum commenter thinks the first amendment gives media sources the right to profit off of other people's IP...
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    Judge Overturns John Madden Football Lawsuit Award

    The reps HAVE to act that way or else they make their case look weak. All the judge did was point out that a law was not followed, which doesn't necessarily put him on EA's side. Bribing a federal judge is so completely unnecessary in this case when all they have to do is bring this law to his...
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    Judge Overturns John Madden Football Lawsuit Award

    I can't see too much of a reason to get mad at the judge of all people; he's merely ensuring that the process follows the law, which is part of his job... I also still find the EA hate train absurd (in this case, at the moment, it's not clear that they did anything wrong, and are they really...
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    Disney Abandons Star Wars 1313 Trademark

    In this case it just means the game is dead; since Disney owns Star Wars and EA the video game rights, they'd have to approve someone working on a project they just killed.
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    Chuck Norris-Themed Bitcoin Receives Legal Roundhouse Kick

    1) People want in on the market that bitcoin found, and think they can make money by setting up their own and selling it. 2) No. Basically it's like multiple internet countries establishing their own currency, as opposed to one internet country building more mints to flood the market with more...
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    Steam Machine Maker Says Other Companies "Just Don't Get It"

    I'm going to go the other way on this and say it's a great strategy. Companies keep announcing new Steambox builds, which is free advertising. There's also the fact that companies sign up to build Steamboxes, so Valve is likely collecting money from them in exchange for permission to do so. In...
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    Arcade Boxing Game Leaves Chinese Man Paralyzed

    I know speed bag (the little elevated punching bag thing) games can still be found, as there's one at my local bowling alley (which also has a bar, what a combo). On Topic: Not sure how to feel about the chosen pseudonym for the victim here... feels like reading those fake pilot names from...
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    Steam Machine By Digital Storm Will Cost You $1900

    LOL I was going to get an i5 when I built my new desktop during the holidays, but I got a deal on the i7 4770k that priced it middle of the pack for i5s.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Waste the Kickstarter Money

    You're on to something here... LiteCoin wasn't heavy enough, bitcoin was too mainstream and passe, dogecoin was so cute such currency and wow, peercoin was peer pressure, datayorb was pee 2 pee and cloud, and quark was what I really enjoyed pork belly futures because of Trading Spaces, myself
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    Non Americans: Does seeing American English bother you?

    Double post. My browser goofed.
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    Non Americans: Does seeing American English bother you?

    When I was younger, I was similarly annoyed at colonel.
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    Non Americans: Does seeing American English bother you?

    Just so I can validate the waste of a class I took last semester in college: American English is not the newest version. There have been a plethora of new forms that have developed since then, including African American English, a hybrid/creole in Hawaii, and so on and so forth.