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    Got called a misogynist by a friend for supporting GamerGate

    That's even worse. They're assuming he lacks the capacity to think and make decisions on his own accord.
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    Whats all this GG nonsense

    Real Time Strategy games are a patriarchial tool used by the Patriarchy to indoctrinate men into exercising their control over others. Specifically women. Anyone who indulges in such activities is sexist scum.
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    not another GG thread!

    God I'm so sick of hearing about Game Grumps. Game Grumps harasses and threatens women. Their voice has no place anywhere. I mean poor JonTron was bullied out by Game Grumps. Anyone know if he has a Patreon? I would love to contribute.
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    Is Anita Sarkeesian actually doing more harm to feminism than good?

    I think the problem with Anita is that many view her as an outsider who started "wagging her finger" at the culture. She isn't considered a "gamer" so some wonder why she has the right (or more accuracy the legitimacy) to criticize gaming culture. I believe if it were a woman from the industry...
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    #Gamerfruit: Gamergate sinks to new lows.

    The term "Anti-GG" is just shorthand for those who are either against it or dont care for. If there's a less offensive shorthand term then by all means please let me. I'm really sorry you've become so incredibly frustrated by the whole ordeal. I really am. You see Gamergate by its nature is...
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    Progressing gaming

    The market will dictate gaming's future much like natural selection. Games are made by corporations. Corporations exist to turn a profit. These corporations spend millions on market research to find the most profitable market for their projects. Should games like Gone Home end up becoming...
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    #Gamerfruit: Gamergate sinks to new lows.

    Unfortunately many "Anti-GG" people who come there tend to turn into lightening rods due to pent up frustration. Ain't saying its right, but that's what happens when you enter the lion's den. That being said there have been brave souls (Like Fappy and TransGamer) who have weathered the storm and...
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    #Gamerfruit: Gamergate sinks to new lows.

    This topic can't be serious. I mean really this is some sort of meta joke right? No my brain refuses to believe this topic is serious.
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    BREAKING: Women of #GamerGate Make Breakthrough on HuffPo Live

    Well I gotta hand it to the Escapist. We are a very classy and respectful community. Even our detractors conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Still no mention of "IM" and for that I'm glad.
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    BREAKING: Women of #GamerGate Make Breakthrough on HuffPo Live

    Let's se how long before "Internalized misogyny" is thrown about.
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    So this just happened with Anita Sarkeesian.

    I'm not trying to sound callous or mean, but what makes her any different from any other "celebrity" (Used very loosely) who receives death threats? Not trivializing it in any way, but why do we keep focusing exclusively on her? Also why are members of the Gaming industry the only ones who...
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    Same sex public signs of affection - Accepted, hated or a bit of both

    Eh I don't notice it all. Then again I live in an enlightened part of the country.
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    You don't have to be afraid of taking a public stance against #GamerGate.

    The Internal Revenue Service is a huge scam used to steal American's money and use it to fund the governments drones which will indoctrinate all citizens to used the correct forms for their taxes. See I can spit baseless nonsense as well.
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    You don't have to be afraid of taking a public stance against #GamerGate.

    I'm sure it's been mentioned already, but the whole GaymerX affair invalidates this topic. They made a NEUTRAL stance and were BULLIED into denouncing it. But hey what do I know I'm just a angry, misogynistic pissbaby uncle tom.
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    are you people fucking serious!

    How DARE you assume that woman has the Thu'um. How dare you good sir/woman?