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    Zero Punctuation: Bloodborne - Bloodly Dark Souls

    Unlikely, since it was SCE Japan Studio who came to FromSoftware with the idea of Bloodborne as they wanted to work together with Hidetaka Miyazaki, as they did with Demon's Souls. Since this is the case, Sony funded most (if not all) of Bloodborne. So this is more of a Bayonetta 2 situation...
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    Bloodborne Dev: 30 FPS is "The Best" For Action Games - Update

    Actually... It's a mistranslation on part of the translator.
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    Ridley Scott's Halo: Nightfall Leads Directly Into Halo 5 Guardians

    Pretty sure it takes place post-Halo 3 but pre-Halo 4.
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gameplay Unveiled at Xbox E3 Conference

    Assuming it's even North Korea... Considering the emphasis on PMC's in the game, it's probably a PMC.
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    Rainbow Six: Siege Debuts With Intensive Competitive Mutliplayer

    I feel like Competitive ARMA players probably do.
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    What Really Bugged Me About Halo 4

    Karen Travis was hired to write the Kilo-Five trilogy, she was NOT hired as the story director for the entire franchise. What the fuck are you talking about?
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    What Really Bugged Me About Halo 4

    This is a troll post right..? Right?
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    What Really Bugged Me About Halo 4

    [Looks at Forerunners books] [Looks at author: Greg Bear] [Looks back at post...] Are you seriously blaming Karen Traviss... For books not even written by her? Is that the level of hatred we've gotten to now? Wow...
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    Watch the New Full Length Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Here

    It's still avaliable on Facebook.
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    Halo 5: Guardians Coming for Xbox One in Fall 2015 - Update

    They already confirmed it's a guy and that's a new character we've never seen yet.
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    MLP Season 4 thoughts.

    Probably my favorite season, it in my opinion had the strongest starting and closing storyline arcs. I really loved how there was world building in the starting arc, and then in the finalie arc we get to see Twilight kick some ass DBZ-style.
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    Is the Clone Wars worth watching?

    Really weird... Most places I go everyone praises the 3D show (to which I loved a shit ton, the fianl couple of seasons in particular), but seems like here there is a subtle hatred or the very least uncaring for it. Hell there is a lot of worry on other sites that the new show Rebels, won't...
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    PS+ April: PS3 gets 3 games including Arkham City, PS4 gets... Mercanary Kings...

    Because it's still new. We won't be getting multiple PS4 games for free until the console has been out long enough to have a large selection.
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    Pillars of Eternity Deal Announced By Obsidian and Paradox

    Or maybe they just want to get help getting the game out there? There's a difference from having the publisher interact with development, and another that's simply helping it get out onto shelves. They've always had trouble with the former.
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    Chris Evans Signed for Six Marvel Films

    He confirmed that the Thor Cameo didn't count since originally Loki was supposed to wear Captain America's suit, but then Chris said he would do it and so valunteered.