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    Zero Punctuation: Alone in the Dark: Illumination - Like Left 4 Dead But...

    You know I'm actually disappointed that only about half the level names are alliterative. It's like they half-hearted that as much as they did the rest of the game. Here let me finish that for you: Creepy Crypt Placid Pond Quiet Quarry Gruesome Graveyard, erm.. with trains.
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    Fallout 4 Locked At 30 FPS on Consoles

    "It begins" *eats popcorn* Or, if we're being more topical. "Platform war, platform war never changes" *Continues to eat popcorn*
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    Zero Punctuation: Cyberpunk Double (Dex & Invisible, Inc.)

    I'll be honest, "Still playing Witcher 3" means he's probably going to rate it higher than 1 & 2. Neither of which he played for very long as, in his words they "Bored [him] to tears". Still, I expect a good hard spanking from him when it comes up for review. *sits and waits patiently in...
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    The Witcher 3 PC Receives New Framerate Patch

    Can confirm this patch does wonders. Went from 30 and less FPS with Hairworks on, now consistently at 60 and above.
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    Green Man Gaming Fails To Deliver Witcher 3 Codes On Launch Day

    So, essentially, it's a he said, she said situation. Though, it is interesting to see the various camps here duke it out insisting their respective favorite company is being 100% ethical and it's all an evil scheme by the other one. *continues to eat popcorn and laugh manically*
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    Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Holy shit, I haven't laughed that hard at a ZP in a long time. I think we need more adventures of Hanz and Gruber.
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    Galactic Civilizations III Review - Space Opera, Strategy, and Excellent Execution

    I really need to get around to playing this one. Gal Civ 2 is literally my favorite game ever, so I really want to know whether this one carries the torch well. I got the founder edition, so I've had access to it for months, but after trying it in alpha I decided I wanted to wait until it...
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    Your favorite current Television shows?

    Right now, wife and I are watching Arrow, and slowly catching up with Once Upon A Time (it's got some shaky writing in Season 1 that is bugging me). Prior to that we binge watched the first 5 seasons of Supernatural, but lost interest after that. Season 5 finale was such a perfect way to end...
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    Who's Your "Spirit Villain"?

    ... Dudes/Dudettes, I think I won. Mine's a freaking purse.
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    CD Projekt Red Isn't Afraid of Making The Witcher 3 Too Difficult

    it probably does what the Witcher 2 did for "Insane" mode. I allows you save just fine, but it deletes all saves from that playthrough if you die.
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    CD Projekt Red Isn't Afraid of Making The Witcher 3 Too Difficult

    Kind of sad to hear "Dark" will have perma death this time. I like the challenge of Dark on Witcher 2, but don't like the idea of perma death in a 100+ hour game. That just seems silly. I hope there is another difficulty that has the same challenge, but allows you to die.
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    GOG Adds Six Star Wars Games, More Coming Thursday

    NIIICE! now add rebellion already. We're done waiting..
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    5 Dog Death Movies that Make Guys Cry

    Damn, forgot about that one. That's way more depressing than Signs.
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    The Witcher 3's PC System Requirements Revealed

    whelp, got everything but the 8350, but was planning on picking one of those up in the next couple months anyway, so.. all good I guess.