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    Games you stopped playing

    So many games.. 1) Stopped playing Risen about 9-10 hours in. Bugged questline was the last straw. 2) Arkham City. Completely lost interest 5-6 hours in, not sure why. 3) Darksiders. Almost cleared it but quit out of boredom. 4) Dishonoured. Interesting game, no idea why but I don't feel...
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    Should historic games have like world war two games avoid harsh subjects?

    They had an xbox game set in a concentration camp. It was just ok.
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    Blizzard Brings Banhammer Down on 100,000 WoW Accounts

    It's entirely possible to bot when you're not playing. When I played there were many people who would leave bots on at night or when they were at work.
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    The worst documentary you have ever seen

    room 237, terribly boring
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    This New Internet Currency Would Rule the World

    It's a good thing they're not being paid in laughs, 'cause that guy would starve...
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    Daybreak Offers To Reverse Bans On H1Z1 Cheaters Who Apologize On YouTube

    Not that "public humiliation" isn't just a terrible way of deterring a certain kind of behaviour, but it won't be very public on a youtube video with 10 views.
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    Poll: How do you personally feel about the term cisgender?

    Ah, cis-trans, lol. My bad :p
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    Poll: How do you personally feel about the term cisgender?

    You serious? I have no idea what kind of curriculum the term "cisgender" is part of, but none of my friends have heard of it, and we're all finishing up masters and doctorates...
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    Poll: How do you personally feel about the term cisgender?

    I'm sure it works fine in a context where there's a need to contrast cisgendered and transgendered, but it is currently being used to insult "cis white male". It's also confusing as f, I never heard of the term until I came across raging femonazis online.
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    Poll: More punishing; Death Penalty or Life in Prison

    Death is always worse. Even if they don't think it is, it surely is.
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    Please welcome your newest moderator, Lilani!

    Congratulations! You used the word "bleat" offensively when you're wearing a goat avatar. Deadly sin man.
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    Why is The Witcher allowed to portray heterosexual male sexuality while Kojima gets grilled over it?

    I know a lot of people who have these, both men and women, and I too used to have a pair when I lived in Japan. Most of these get laid on a regular basis. It's almost as if they think the mousepads are funny and/or comfortable!
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    Who do you consider the best protagonist in a video game?

    The most flippant one is surely the MC from Alpha Protocol.
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    Supergirl - First look trailer impressions

    - Lesbian sister - Black love interest - White beta cuck friendzone nerd - Feminist boss - Terrible action - Cardboard character They've checked all points on the SJW series list. Welcome to Tumblr: Superhero Edition