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    The North/South divide?

    I am so enjoying the northism going on...
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    The North/South divide?

    Heh! Can I buy you a cream tea?
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    The North/South divide?

    Tears of Patriotism are spring to my eyes! I want to leap to my feet chanting Rule Britannia and waving the Union Jack! Also Bath to rhyme with Math just sounds American. Wait... no one says Marth, do they?
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    Poll: Some help with dealing with an ex

    trying to be friends with her won't let you move on as quickly. you have to worry about you now - she has her friends and new bf to support her. be friendly for sure, but don't be friends. I know why you are still feeling divided, and I know it's not fun. But everyone here is right: stay away...
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    Which is your favourite God?

    I keep to the olde Jedi ways
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    The North/South divide?

    maybe up north they would, crazy backward people that they are ;-D Scot-, Irish- and Welsh-folk all are likely to have red hair. Red-heads sometimes are found to be less attractive but it's not much to do with "Scottishness." In the northern climes with not much sun there is no selection for...
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    Skyrim - My Wife Sleeps in the Basement

    I married Scouts-Many-Marshes, and I still like him. I've had a few broken engagments because I wanted to marry a fellow Breton, but the only ones I could find were complete A-holes so I was compelled to ditch them. In the end I just went with a likable fella. He works on the enchanting table...
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    The old belt (Parents using violence to correct you)

    if you've reached the point where you need violence to control your kids then it's not going to help them or you i once saw a mother trying to discipline a screaming toddler. the tot smacked out at her, and which point she yelled "do not hit me" in his face and whacked him one. effective, no?
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    Fable III Dev Lobs a Few Word Bombs at the Haters

    yeaaahh... stories seem to keep getting worse in the series. but i support fable 3 because it has stephen fry and simon pegg. i don't need any other reason :-)
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    Fable III Dev Lobs a Few Word Bombs at the Haters

    i agree about expecting something it's not. fable is like twilight or scrubs; trashy and not very good, but easy and fun. thinking it should be like LOTR, in their example, will lead to a let down. i've had this thought before so it's kinda nice to see a concordant opinion
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    Blaming the victim

    i had a friend in college who was almost raped by a taxi driver; she was the last one to be taken home. was she to blame? no way. but if she hadn't been tipsy, if she hadn't worn clubbing clothes the taxi driver might not have fancied her and then attempted to take advantage. so she baited him...
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    A Question for all you Global Warming skeptics

    um... no we haven't. evolution doesn't just stop because we come up with medicines and such. so long as there are people having kids there is selection occurring.
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    oooh reading richard dawkins is enough to put me off evolution. he comes off as such a twazzock
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    NOT TRUE!!! just look at spiderman. his DNA reacted to a toxic event, and BOOM. parker evolved.
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    no worries, you didn't. it's a perfectly valid thing to rant for or against. ranting at ranters solves everything. not that you ranted :-) now i'm just rambling... oh dear.