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    No Right Answer: LuthorCorp vs. Stark Industries

    WELCOME TO MICROSOFT LAND!! Err, Nintendoland. Wait, Seattle SuperSonics? Anyway, great video. My money is on Stark, can't touch that reactor. Also, the traffic is awesome here. Silly n00bs.
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    Super Mario Bros Archivists Return Film to Silver Screen

    I personally LOVED it at the time. In fact all the cheesy 90's "kids" movies I have a major soft spot for. Hell I even have the original SMB movie poster on my office wall. Tickets purchased for Seattle. Thanks to the Escapist for letting me know!
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    E3 Preview: SimCity (2013)

    Can't wait! A bit skeptical on the road vs zoning item. Zoning is what makes or breaks a city >_< Mmmmmmmmm I think I'm going to play SC4 tonight.
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    What is your cutie mark?

    Yup >_> I'm one of those.
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    Poll: Would you stop tipping if they made minimum wage?

    In Washington we have a minimum wage. I still tip where I feel appropriate.
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    Have you ever noted none of us here are "normal"

    Speak for yourself. I enjoy Budweiser, Military FPS's, EA Sports games, Racing Games, The Expendables and Fast & Furious (franchise). Also, Pepsi FTW!
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    Never forget your first...

    Night Driver is the earliest I can remember as a toddlerish age.
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    Sega Puts Bayonetta 2 in Stasis

    I absolutely LOVED the game ^_^ It's too bad Sega doesn't want my money :-/
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    Blasphemy! Covers that you like more than the original.

    For me, it just fits.
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    Codemasters Says "Racing is Everything"

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, I do love me some Dirt 2 with my G27 Great plan Codemasters, great plan.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Send in Your Questions to Loading Ready Run!

    For some reason it never occurred to me you all had a site. I must be dense >_<
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    Turkish Soccer Fans Unfurl World's Biggest Trollface

    Wait! You can't bring "American" logic into this. We'll NEVER hear the end of it!
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    Poll: Where are you from?

    That's what we really need to poll, how many Washingtonians & New Zealand(ers) we have on the forum Bonus question; is raining?
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    Your first multiplayer experience?

    My online gaming started as a text based MUD or two, one PvP the other not so much. Then it moved to the graphical with Doom and Command & Conquer.
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    Poll: Where are you from?

    Tacoma Washington (US) here and it's raining like no other >_> Side Note: I love Potato bread.