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    CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Files are Being Held for Ransom

    Witcher 3 ended up being a great game. It's all in the past now, including those old Cyberpunk docs. But you know some people can't let these things go.
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    For Honor base down 93% in only 3 months

    It's more a poorly executed concept. At it's heart it was an innovative idea. The duels really showcase that. But since everything surrounding the game catered to Dominion, it distracted from what the game really was.
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    CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Files are Being Held for Ransom

    Pretty much. Especially after the downgrade controversy of Witcher 3. Some people will want their pound of flesh.
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    For Honor base down 93% in only 3 months

    It was a fighting game. Should've emphasized duels instead of that crappy 4v4 hybrid mode.
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    Most Satisfying Epilogues in Video Games

    Witcher 3's bittersweet ending comes to mind.
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    Poll: Does Steam Need A Purging?

    OP isn't talking about games that are subjectively bad. There are a lot of games on Steam that are stolen, copy pasted a dozen times over, shipped without .exes, missing 90% of the content, contain copyrighted material. Sure we haven't reached critical mass yet. But imagine in the future when...
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    How is that related?

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    Poll: How often do you watch Zero Punctuation these days? Granted it's past it's prime....

    I think the various kinds of Let's Plays recently have eclipsed my need to watch ZP. Back then he provided an opinion and a brand of humor that wasn't really offered by any other "reviewer". The jokes are the only thing left to watch ZP anymore but since that's waned over the years, there's...
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    How Accurate Is Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs?

    We all know what happens when you try to almost recreate a city in a 1:1 scale. We get AC: Unity.
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    The Crew Boots Players Back to Title Screen When Their Internet Drops

    Does this game have a single-player mode?
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    Titanfall is Going Full Open Beta - Update 3

    How did you not register for it in the first place?
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    SimCity Goes Offline With Official Update

    Quick? It's been 10 months, at this point they don't deserve any kudos for doing anything.
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    Update: Left 4 Dead 2 Is Free On Steam, Merry Christmas!

    I guess some people just see sky blue and light blue as too big of a difference. There's a minority out there that are still bitter that Valve released a sequel too quickly, they kinda got used to Valve taking 10 years to release a sequel so L4D2 must've messed with the fabric of reality or...
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    Grand Theft Auto V PC Petition Pushes 375,000 Signatures

    Max Payne 3 was pretty clean, it didn't use GFWL for one, and I was able to play it straight.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Papers, Please

    I played the game and everything here seems to be backwards, the people passing through were supposed to be the funny characters who offered bribes, not the other way around.