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    With Encryption Battle on Hold, Burner Phones Now Targeted

    I'm certain affairs are one of the biggest things they care about. If they can gather that sort of blackmail material on everyone then they can use that info on anyone they want to if those people ever become political thorns in the governments side. Someone plan on running for senator or...
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    FBI Can't Win: Apple Engineers Will Quit Before Unlocking iPhone

    Or worse yet it could be a trick that both Apple and the government are in on in order to see what part of the civilian population sides with Apple so that these people can then be added to the "anti-government" watchlist.
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    Carl's Jr. CEO Readies Robot Workforce to Counter Rising Wages

    The guy is an idiot. You know what else is not rocket science Mr. CEO? The fact that replacing 5 million fast-food workers with robots means that there will be 5 million less people who can afford to buy the very product you're trying to sell. What he's spouting is a BS argument and one...
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    The First Ghostbusters Trailer Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

    Not Winston, no. Winston's character was way too serious for something like that. But I can easily imagine Ray doing it to Peter, or Peter to Ray. I think that's one mistake people are making is that they're, like you did, trying to do a 100% comparison of the new characters with the old...
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    The First Ghostbusters Trailer Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by the trailer. I thought it was decently funny, but then I am into cheesy humor. I can easily imagine the original characters doing these exact things and making the same jokes. Now, whether they put the best parts from the movie into the trailer or not...
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    Ronda Rousey Wants to Play Samus in Possible Metroid Movie

    Funny, that same limitation never seemed to stop Ahn-uld from starring in many of the greatest movie franchises of the 80's and 90's. People just accepted that you didn't go to one of his movies to see an Oscar-winning performance but you DID go to see some of the best action scenes and special...
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    Is this how we should handle Dick Pics?

    You forgot the 3 most important things...power, a big bank account, and the guy's popularity with other ladies.
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    Is Blizzard Remastering Its Classic Games Catalog?

    They should just hammer out an agreement with GoG to do it for them and let GoG then sell the games on their site too.
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    If The Government Is Watching You Online, Facebook Will Tell You

    They've probably already alerted everyone that they themselves do it too. That sort of thing is usually written in the ToS / Privacy policy. It's just that those things are so long and complex that most people skip over it and simply click the "I accept" button at the bottom.
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    Is The Dress Blue or White? Why The Internet Just Lost Its Mind

    I might be able to explain it a bit. When I saw it it looked gold and light blue to me. However, it was the same sort of "glowy" light blue that I see when white t-shirts are worn around black lights or bad flourescent lights, therefore, in my mind, even though I saw a light blue I was...
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    5 Westerns that Make Guys Cry

    One of the first westerns to come to my mind was the new version of 3:10 to Yuma. Very heart-wrenching.
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    Stormtrooper Armor May Have Saved Charity Cosplayer's Life

    One could argue that wearing Stormtrooper armor is what put his life in danger anyway. If he hadn't been wearing it he wouldn't have been walking across the desert for charity. If he hadn't been walking across the desert he wouldn't have been bitten. New title for the article, "Stormtrooper...
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    Unicorn-Riding Kim Jong Un Game Still Releasing Despite Sony Hack

    It's easy to have a lot more balls when you have very little to lose. I do have to wonder though if they're going to be paying Kim Jong royalties for using his likeness (I'm assuming without his permission).
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    Is anyone else a bit bored of Jimquisition?

    Yeah, that's when I pretty much stopped watching him too. When that game's devs released their second video, changed their minds, and quickly took it down and Jim went ahead and out of spite re-posted a copy of the video and laughed like a maniac I realized he was acting so childish and the...
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    What is the shortest time you've spent at a job before quitting.

    Probably Snob Hill (every city has one). Rich people are notorious for giving lousy tips. I'm kidding of course. :)