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    Women in Frontline Combat?

    Just in case he's right... 'Playing Devil's Advocate' means you argue the opposing point whether or not you actually believe it, often to see the reasoning another person has for a similar belief. IE, I believe women should serve on the front line, but bring up the fact that women have less...
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    To kill a God

    I've played a few games where there are both mortals and gods, and i can safely say that there are far better ways to get rid of a god than killing him. (One example was constant, unending torture and mutation until he forgot his identity and became a willing sex slave for the robotic goddess...
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    Mass Effect Anime Film in the Works

    Shepard will not work for this movie. Quite simply because he/she is built by the player. First Contact War, skyllian Blitz, maybe even some Cerberus antics... oooh! Rachni wars! ^^ Whatever the case, they've got plenty to work with, and they shouldn't use Shepard.
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    Poll: Choose your Apocalypse

    Lesbians can take no more oppression and rise up, taking over the world so they can have sex in the streets. =D ... Ok, joke aside, i vote global fire. ... Yes, i'm serious. The entire world, on fire. It'd be AWESOME!
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    Poll: I hate the imperial system. America, I'm looking at you! Give it up, metric is simply better!!!!

    Er, the imperial system was developed seperately from the metric system. Doesn't really matter how their values compare to each other =/
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age II

    I'm kinda surprised he didn't make a 'not gay' joke.
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    Your Most Regretted Game Purchase

    Force Unleashed 2. Exceedingly short, and though the gameplay was fun, it was repetitive and rehashed, and the first game was built on story that was gutted nearly entirely from the game. Pathetic!
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    Ancestry in America

    I say 'Texan' if I'm asked where i'm from. If i'm asked what race i am, i say anglo. I've never been directly asked 'what is your heritage' but i think i'd just ask them to clarify until they directly told me race or geographical location.
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    Poll: Has a bad story ever made a game better?

    Yes. But only when done comedically, such as in magicka or RE4. - if a bad story tries to make you take it seriously, well...
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    I only ever saw anyone making out this one time in elementary school. Standing up in the middle of a sidewalk, in plain view of everybody going into the school. About twice my size. And sounding sloppier than the dead the sludge from Dead Space's necromorphs. So yeah, it bothered me.
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    Inside the Sick Mind of a School Shooter Mod

    I couldn't even finish the article. This mod had better tank. And it had better tank HARD. 1) Because if video games are on the same level as movies or books, then this impedes on freedom of expression. And many people believe that, while a younger medium, games have the same rights. 2)...
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    Burglar Busted for Posting Crime Scene Photos on Facebook

    The only consolation i have is that we're smart enough to realize how stupid this guy is.
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    What do guys get nervous about?

    Women who have the guile and the patience to make you think they genuinely like you. Which is probably about 95%.
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    Is America going to collapse?

    Free markets tend to be naturally self-correcting. America will eventually bounce back. We ain't gonna collapse. Unless we stop spending like idiots with an unlimited spending platinum card, though, we will definitely not get back to our former superpower status. Hell, probably won't anyway.