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    Darth Vader Could Have A Major Role in Star Wars: Rogue One

    This pretty much. Wasn't stealing the plans the first level of the game? Too bad Disney did away with all the canon, as Katarn was a pretty relevant character in the expanded universe.
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    Candy Crush Saga Comes Pre-Installed on Windows 10

    You all DO know that Internet Exploder will not be on Windows 10, right? OT: Every time I even hear the phrase "Candy Crush" gives a bad taste in my mouth. Like I'm eating some really bad tasting...
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    The Next Assassin's Creed is Set in 19th Century London

    One minute into the developer video and they've already dropped the word "iconic". Oh Ubi, never change. Any takers on Evie as a playable character being shoehorned in and that all of the mandatory character levels and best dialog will still be dumped on Jacob. I'm just saying, based on...
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    #011: The Test

    I distinctly remember that Mirror's Edge let's you skip the tutorial level. That was nice. Wish I could say the same for freaking Elder Scrolls games.
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    No Right Answer: Harley Quinn vs Mr Freeze - Best Batman Animated Series Character

    If we're going to go into boss fights, I thought Firefly from Arkham Origins was pretty stellar, but that could have just been that the rest of the game was such garbage. But yeah, the Mr. Freeze boss fight was pretty spectacular. As for Harley, I'm expecting her to play a bigger role in...
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    Need Some Replay Value? Check Out This Scenario Generator

    Sooooo... this isn't a mod. This just gives you suggestions on how to play? That's it?
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    Batman: Arkham Knight to Receive Mature ESRB Rating

    My initial reactions were that I already thought it was rated M to begin with.
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    8 Video Game Movies You Can Safely Avoid

    What if you're really bad at the video game and called your friend over to play it because its too hard, and you sit there amazed at his skills at the game? :)
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    8 Video Game Movies You Can Safely Avoid

    Have you heard of this thing called a "Let's Play"? I heard they are pretty popular.
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    Zero Punctuation: Lords of the Fallen - Imitation is Flattery?

    Was hoping for a review of Gat out of Hell, but considering its brevity maybe you can rope it in with a double feature after the inevitable review of Dying Light? Maybe Life is Strange? That's a unique game based on existing ideas!
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    Publishers Wanted Life is Strange Devs to Make Leads Male

    So, the exact same thing that happened with their previous game? I doubt it, it probably went something more like this: CAPCOM: Your last game we published didn't sell enough, sorry. UBISOFT: Sorry, this isn't a yearly franchise. Where are your microtransactions? Also, wtf, this game...
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    Move Over DreamWorks, Ghost in the Shell Animated Film On the Way

    I surely hope the American dub of the film doesn't replace a talented asian voice actor with some white female one, because that would be a waste of talent and be denying jobs to minorities. Right?
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    Ghost in the Shell Casting Shows We Need More Than White Feminism

    This. Wow, I want to thank the OP for personally rehashing everything that was already covered in the original thread about the casting decision and adding absolutely zero things to this discussion that hasn't already been discussed.
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    Scarlett Johansson to Star in Ghost in the Shell Live-Action Film

    I agree and disagree here. Consider for a moment that Motoko is 95% cyborg, meaning her body was sculpted. Even if she is racially Japanese, its up to her what 'shell' of a body she chooses to put her brain into. In this sense, Motoko can be 100% japanese mentally, and just happen to have...
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    Assassin's Creed: Victory Leaked, Releasing Fall 2015

    Grappling hook? Dark gothic setting? So, you're playing as Batman now, right?