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    Escape to the Movies: The Giver - Don't Bother Giving This Movie Your Time

    Oh man, was it old. I was about to turn the review off, god I thought he was making a point with how annoying the movie is. Nope.
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    Escape to the Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kids Deserved Better Than This

    You know, I was willing to let this TMMNT movie pass if it was at least better than TMNT 3. To say it sucks even more than Venus.... wow, man. I may have to see it anyway, just to know how bad this is.
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    Nothing to actually argue about. The audience love to see stupid, un-intellectual movies. Michal Bay gives that out and people love it. I never really thought of him as the devil, just a assface who took childhood franchises and ruiniend the original concept. I am still going to see TMNT though.
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    The Big Picture: Link Be A Lady

    No, it's not a good idea for the reasons Bob is putting out. That's not to say that having a female Link or just a female protagonist in Zelda (CDi games don't count) as a good thing, it's that Bob's reasons are shallow and pointless. Bob wants one game company to change their formula because...
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    Game Theory: Why the Official Zelda Timeline is Wrong

    Well this is just misleading. Nothing in this says the timeline is wrong, it just stats a multi-world or multi-dimenson theory, which many have already concluded to. I don't get why this even needs an episode. All it says that the Zelda timeline is in several dimensions. Honestly, I was...
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    Escape to the Movies: Robocop

    Bob, you could have just said the Stun Gun and gone home. Man, that is sad.
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    Jimquisition: Steam Needs Quality Control

    Jim, why must you simplify a such a problem? This is not just Bad games getting through Greenlight, it's good games staying on Greenlight. Does anyone recall how Greenlight works for it's games to get green-lighted? We get bits and pieces, but it's simply put just based on how popular...
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    Movie Defense Force: Hook

    I can't recall anyone hatting it. I thought it was a good kids movie and enjoyed the soundtrack fully.
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    I thought he was honestly going to mention Big Mama from Shock Troopers 1 on the Neo Geo Arcade platform. Big Mama is a huge, black, Canadian Woman. Overall in the game she is slower but can hit much harder than most other characters, and hell her main motivation is pretty much money. I wonder...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Lone Ranger

    Not only that, but Tonto was seen as very racist in his first incarnations. He spoke in broken english, it was actually called Tontoisim for a style of haiku used with few articles. Tonto is a very racist character, and Bob is bitching about the racist Indian not being 'properly' acted by a...
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    The Big Picture: Jawsome

    Saw enough of Street Sharks to agree, that it ain't a bad show. It's pretty much around the same level as other shows back in the day such as Mummies Alive and such, and worth a watch if you got a nice bong, Family size bag of cheetos, and a free saturday.
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    So the counter argument you are raising is that because of marketed products that fall outside the shows story line have some way of affecting that storyline? You should have taken the high road, but this is such horrible argument that one must simply pull a pin and watch it fall.
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    Jimquisition: Objectification And... Men?

    Jim, I agree that using an apples to apples comparison to sexualizing for male and female roles is true. Males have never been as sexualized compared to Females. The problem I am seeing with your viewpoint over men issues is that you seem to assume that male issues is over being overpostive...
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    Movie Defense Force: Showgirls

    Treat it as a cannon movie of Save by the bell. Genius. Jim, we need you as Escapist PR manager, good lord you could sell anything.
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    The Big Picture: Tooned Out

    I remember Darkstaklers, and then I remeber why I didn't get into the show. That kid was an idiot.