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    Your favorite Anime

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for action. Azumanga Daioh for slice of life. Gunsmith Cats for girls who kick ass. Soul Eater to answer "So, what's an anime that I can start on?" Currently trying out Btoom! and Sword Art Online.
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    Poll: Sub or Dub?

    I want to hear if the dub does not make me want to run my ears through a cheese grater... or better yet, run the dub director's ears through a cheese grater. Though I admit that I prefer anime that is set in America (Gunsmith Cats comes to mind) to be dubbed since I'd expect American...
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    How did YOU celebrate Osama's death?

    By continuing to pay nearly $50 for a tank of gas and talking to my friends who are still looking for a job in this economy.
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    Poll: Have you lost your virginity? If so, when and with who?

    Lost it to Aerosmith, while having sex with a girl. I remember the Aerosmith more fondly than the girl.
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    Poll: If Jesus ran for president, would you vote for him?

    No. He doesn't have much political experience. I don't recall him holding a congressional position or even a governor's position. If he's never managed a state or city, why the hell would I trust him with a country? He did manage a small party, but he failed to deal with anyone who posed a...
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    Activision kills "Guitar Hero"

    Activision kills further "Guitar Hero" and "True Crime" games. I guess "Rock Band" won in the musical gaming war. I'm just waiting to see if Coke can do the same for Pepsi eventually.
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    Anime Review: Full Metal Panic

    Anime Review: Full Metal Panic Full Metal Panic is like a parfait. Is that a good thing? Read Full Article
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    Poll: Are high heels hot

    My girlfriend looks good in them. I don't.
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    The Escapist Wants Your Final Fantasy Cosplay!

    I just forwarded this to all my cosplayer friends.
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    Anime Review: Soul Eater, Volume 3

    Anime Review: Soul Eater, Volume 3 The Soul Eater train starts to feel like it's going a little bit off-track. Read Full Article
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    Poll: how do you pronounce 2010

    This year.
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    Anime Review: Persona: Trinity Soul, Part 1

    Anime Review: Persona: Trinity Soul, Part 1 The first half of Persona: Trinity Soul is wonderfully atmospheric, but very little actually happens. Read Full Article
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    Topical Tuesday - What The Escapist Means to You Contest

    It's 8:59AM and I am already bored at work. Too early to think about the weekend and too late to retreat into the foggy mental state of the past weekend's hangover, Wednesday mornings are so soul crushing that I wonder why I didn't take the four day work week option. But when 9:00AM rolls...
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    It's John Funk's Brithday!

    Happy birthday to him.
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    Anime Review: Soul Eater, Vol. 2

    Anime Review: Soul Eater, Vol. 2 Despite some clunky storytelling, the students at Hogwarts DWMA deliver a solid second act. Read Full Article