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    228: An Offer You Can't Refuse

    I loved this article. It was fascinating to read about Pincus & Zynga - I feel a little naive that I knew nothing of either one of them before this. I remember learning about Boll & German filmmaking from your equally interesting article Boll vs. Wood - you've got the investigative journalism...
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    228: Misinformants: How Games Get the Mob Wrong

    Misinformants: How Games Get the Mob Wrong Literature and films have done much to illuminate the inner workings of the Mafia on behalf of the law-abiding public. But the videogames that have tried to explore these themes typically opt for amusement over insight. Shawn Williams wonders what it...
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    226: The New Basic Training

    The New Basic Training Thanks to movies and videogames, today's military recruits have more exposure to combat than those of any period in history. But when soldiers take unnecessary risks in the name of playing the hero, this exposure becomes a liability. Shawn Williams investigates how...
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    104: One License To Rule Them All

    No worries at all, mate. Compared to the self-criticism that runs through my brain, that was NOTHING! ;) I actually didn't even read it as that dickish, I thought you actually raised very good points, which is why I tried to give as honest and non-snarky an answer as possible. The Turbies were...
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    104: One License To Rule Them All

    I wish I could say. They aren't allowed to go into any details of the arrangement; apparently that's part of the deal itself. I did ask, though. Yes, I definitely didn't go into enough detail here. I had intentions of going much more into the gritty details of the creation process, but I...
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    104: One License To Rule Them All

    Well, not really... Although I did get onto Tom Chick's site, so does that count?
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    104: One License To Rule Them All

    To get me chicks!
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    81: Uwe Boll and the German Tax Code

    An amazing read. Highly disturbing, but still amazing. Great article, Allen.
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    It's All Their Fault

    It's All Their Fault "There's obviously a huge problem in the gaming community, and it's the sort of problem that can only be solved by the judicious application of overwhelming force." Shawn Williams solves all the industry problems in one fell swoop. Permalink
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    Ask Not What Your Game Can Do For You...

    Ask Not What Your Game Can Do For You... "Gamers exist in communities. Whether we're grouped by the faction we're a part of, the server we play on, the game we play, the genre of game we play - or some combination thereof - we exist as part of a community." Shawn Williams tells us how gamers...
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    Apocalypse Not

    Apocalypse Not "I'm not, nor will I ever be, someone you're liable to confuse with Rambo. What I experienced during the Invasion of Panama was the tiniest slice of Hell." Shawn Williams, along with his father-in-law, give a veterans' perspective on modern videogames. Permalink
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    DragBot "Ladies and Gentlemen, the story you're about to read is true. Only the names and story have been changed to protect the innocent." Shawn Williams explains the MOP Squad. Permalink
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    Hollywood Tragic

    Hollywood Tragic Both Hollywood and the video game industry seem focused on porting some of the most beloved gaming franchises to the big screen. Shawn Williams accepts this truth, but has a few humble suggestions. Pleas even. Permalink
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    Return of the Future

    Return of the Future Shawn Williams predicts that the more accurate and realistic violent video games become, the less entertaining they will be for children. See his vision of a future where gamers reject the cutting edge and rebelliously return to their roots. Permalink