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    Poll: Saint's Row vs Grand Theft Auto

    and what alludes you to the idea that V won't be like IV and will be like the old games? Cos I hope its worse than IV, everyone buys it, says it sucks, then they wait till the next console gen comes out and make Vice City 2.0 and make it more like the old games.
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    Poll: Saint's Row vs Grand Theft Auto

    THANK YOU, I just played through Gun for the lols right after finishing RDR and I was like "Yep, it is 100% right, Gun was a better game than RDR and that came out in 2005 for Christ's sake." RDR is the most blatant rip off Gun in history, all they need to do is touch up the graphics a bit and...
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    Poll: Saint's Row vs Grand Theft Auto

    Anyone excited by the GTA V teaser is an invalid. Never get excited by a one and a half minute teaser children, get excited in like 6 months or whatever when the 2 minute TRAILER comes out. I mean, look at the recent Max Payne trailer, it's jaw dropping, as is the recent Hitman: Absolution...
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    Is it really better to have loved and lost?

    If you've never truly loved you don't know what it is, I thought I knew love until I met my last girlfriend about 4-5 years ago. I fell in love too damn fast and then dealt with that psychotic mess for 2 years. It's better to have loved and lost because sometimes you may be in love with someone...
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    Cartoons you used to watch that no one else knew of.

    Mummies Alive was WIIIINNNNN, when it turned out that one with anubis head was a bird i was like WOOOAAAHHH. Not to mention when you find out Mojo is essentially the PPG's brother, I was like damn I didnt see that coming. However, I had the strangest childhood due to discovering Space...
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    What games have your friends insulted, without even playing them?

    Shout outs to Rawne, clearly we think exactly the same way. I have been l33tabix for a LOOOOONG time, since UT2K4 dropped in 2003. I've played all the Dooms, Quakes and UT's and used to play Wolfenstein 3D with my Grandad (who actually killed a nazi and took his iron cross in WWII) on a god damn...
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    What games have your friends insulted, without even playing them?

    Oh man, spat juice everywhere. Never take a drink after uploading a post kids.
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    What games have your friends insulted, without even playing them?

    TC Pirate, your friend doesn't understand what "Indy Developer", "Beta" or "Gameplay" mean and therefore is ignorant to exactly what Minecraft is. I get far more angry when it's a Band/Album they have NEVER HEARD, and voice an opinion on it. Mr.Omega, your friend is aware of what "Gameplay"...
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    Zero Punctuation: Killzone 3

    Killzone 3 is quite possibly the best FPS out at the moment. correction to Yahtzee though. the ONLY controls you can change are L2 and R3. R3 is a much better aim and from the point on the controls are exactly the same as 1 and 2. Sometimes I do wonder about these reviews.
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    how to be an MLG player in 5 steps.

    I've never had an MLG player beat me, what a load of pretentious assholes, and it's always on games anyone can be good at, like Halo, anyone can win a match on that game, it's based entirely around running to the most powerful weapon first.
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    2 Interesting facts about yourself

    1) I was born 10 weeks early. (on 20th of the 4th woo) 2) I have almost no emotion. (pissed off my last partner a lot) bonus one 3) My pain threshold is ridiculously high for no reason what so ever. (being almost 2 meters tall i managed to walk into a doorway, bite through my lip...
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    DS Flash Cart Importer Jailed

    I agree with anyone who's saying this > He imposted some cartridges, wouldn't he have to pirate stuff, then sell them for it to be a crime. Maybe he just reeeeaaaallllllyyy wanted some carts lol, make a model home or something.
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    game you will never play and why?

    Awesome of you to quote me half a year later, i currently cancelled my account for the next 2 months because of exams. I do however have DJ Hero though. Ahhh 6 months ago...
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    Zero Punctuation: Brutal Legend

    This one made Yahtzee seem like a bit of a noob, see the flowers the game shows you to do a relic raiser at, do it, motorforge appears, I don't even have the game and I know that. In other news: atill waiting for my DJ Hero to show up.
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    Poll: Pipe, Cigar, or Cigarette?

    Joint, never smoke a stick with a 100% tobacco consistency.