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    Get a Look at the First Images of the New "Ataribox" Console

    Could you give the source for the pictures, because those machines look like they were designed by hobbyist as a spoof.
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    Microsoft Announces Xbox Project Scorpio as the Xbox One X

    Microsoft is really bad at naming. The machine is just a tiny bit upgraded Xbox One, so why did they not just flip that new X of theirs a bit and have Xbox One+
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    Minecraft is Getting a New Marketplace on Windows 10 and Mobile

    Paid mods might succeed now. First of all they are introducing them to kids game, they might not just know better. Second of all, it is Microsoft Live/Marketplace or whatever it is called these days. No real player uses it. So they might get better start there than they did on Steam. And once it...
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    8 Fictional Religions We Would Join

    "8 Fictional Religions" Jedism and Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.... triggered!
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    Natural 20: Party's Over - Sesaon Finale

    Thanks for the great season! Here's hoping for many more to come.
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    The Angry Birds Movie - Another Garbage Video Game Adaptation

    Found on "Angry Birds movie is about the refugee crisis"
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    Natural 20: Role Perception

    Hahaa, that was trippy.
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging The Beatles White Album

    Hahaa, watched this bit late but really funny April Fools joke, although it works just fine as a regular episode too.
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    Transportation Secretary: Google Self-Driving Car Crash No Big Deal

    Seems to be intersection area, Google car is way too late to change lanes at that spot. I would pin this 100% on Google.
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    Amazon Patent Would Let You Pay By Using a Selfie

    Filing this in insecure and stupid folder.
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    John Oliver Torpedoes Hollywood Whitewashing on Last Week Tonight

    Yes, Tom Cruise was a white American officer in the movie, so Tonight Show people didn't see that movie either? They were wrong about that and they used that as final punchline, I was with them to that point, but that kinda ruined the entire thing for me.
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    Iceberg Landlocks Penguin Colony; More than 150,000 Dead

    Penguins are perfectly able to migrate themselves. This has happened before, will happen again, nothing new in penguin history
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    Omikron Available Free in Honor of David Bowie

    Checkout gives only these countries as options, would have been nice to know before reading TOS and making an account. Of course you could lie who and where you come from, but meh.
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    "YouTube Red" is YouTube's New, Ad-skipping $10-a-Month Premium Service

    Oh they will get them or else... "YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don?t Sign Its Red Subscription Deal" Google again forcing things on people, hopefully this will go as badly as their previous such attempts...
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    GOG Rolls a 20: Adds Gold Box D&D Classics

    Needs a disclaimer that Greg Tito used to be the editor-in-chief of Escapist. Édit: oh, and I will be definitely checking those games out.