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    Draw Harley Quinn Naked, Killing Herself, To Win DC Artist Contest

    This gives me an idea. In the quote given by The Escapist, there is no mention of the word 'suicide'. So, why does everyone assume they want Harley to commit suicide? Why not have one of the older adaptations/interpretations of Harley Quinn attempting to murder the New 52 version of...
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    Question about Dragon Age 2.

    As someone who has not played any of the other Dragon Age titles, and has within the last hour or so finished the campaign of DA2 for the second time as a Warrior class, I feel that the biggest flaws in the title are the fights, the 'ignored character' dilemma and the recycling of maps. I do...
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    Poll: Do you ever play as your opposite gender in RPG's?

    Sometimes. When I do, it's normally on a second playthrough.
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    Multiplayer that is ruined by hackers/modders/cheaters.

    It got slightly better in MW3, though not by much. It still had significant hacker problems when I played it, and the problems got so bad that I eventually just gave up on it. Let me put it this way: In a standard 90 minute session of MW3, I'd see more hackers than I would in 400+ hours of...
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    Poll: Skyrim - Echanted Item Names

    Dude, those are some damn cool names there. I particularly like the Axe of Mindnumbing Horror. I do name my enchanted gear, but mine are more mundane, like Ebony Frostshield, Steel Plated Helm of Concentration (fortify Magicka) or Steel Plated Sprintboots (fortify Stamina regen). I don't...
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    The Unofficial Steam Trading Card Thread

    I have: Garry's Mod: Face Posing, Spamming, Movie Maker x2 Chivalry: Mason Archer, Agatha Man-At-Arms I require: Killing Floor: Fleshpound, Scrake, Stalker, Husk
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    The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

    Anyone want some Half Life 2 trading cards? I'm looking to finish my Serious Sam 3: BFE set, and need the Gnaar and Khnum cards to do it. I have the Gordon, Gordon and Alyx and Respite cards. Steam profile link []
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    Games that you enjoy, but the critics did not.

    I'm the same way. I've owned all of the MW series, as well as Black Ops, and the campaign was usually why, with the exception of Black Ops which I got on 360 for the single player component and the split-screen zombie mode. It's not like I didn't give the multiplayer a go, though. I reached...
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    Games that you enjoy, but the critics did not.

    I concur with this. Also, I agree with the guys who said ODST, Bulletstorm and DA2. Finally, I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever. Seriously. It gets some of the smaller immersion tricks dead on, so you really feel like the character. If the loading screens were more Halflife-like, and the vehicle...
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    Screen Australia Injects $6 Million Into Dying Games Industry

    The main difference in the number of Australian game developers is probably the closure of Pandemic a few years back.
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    Saints Row 3 DLC- Any good?

    Yeah, the 3 main DLC (Genki, Space and Clones) are the ones that are least likely to make you regret their purchase. The others, meh. I did get a few of the others myself, but only the ones I was sort of interested in, and the Ultor Assassin pack was not a good choice. The outfit in it does...
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Let You Play as the Dog

    ...that's been done before. Back in the 1990's, too. The original Rise of the Triad had a powerup that turned you into a dog for a period. The new one's going to have the same power up as well.
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    I think Farcry 2 is better than 3.

    I finished Far Cry 2, and yesterday picked up 3. I will say that both games have their merits, but in terms of enjoyment, I'm liking 3 more than I did 2. In Far Cry 2, the endlessly respawning checkpoints got old after a while, and the diamond and tape fetch quests wore out their welcome...
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    Looking for a Really Simple/Crazy Pen & Paper RPG

    I don't play pen-and-paper RPGs, but from what I hear Paranoia's a crazy one to get into.
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    What's rad, in 3D, and rhymes with "Hilty dear"? That's right, a new GUILTY GEAR!

    Well, there's a new Guilty Gear that's been announced. Here's the trailer: Personally, as a fan of the franchise, I'm looking forward to this. Here's hoping I still have money when this comes out so I can get it. Any opinions on the trailer, or the announcement in general?