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    Your life events through the life of The Escapist

    Well, I graduated high school, flunked out of university, got a tech diploma, worked five different jobs, briefly relocated to East Europe (twice), spent three years in the States, nearly died of parasites in Cambodia, and took assorted religious classes in pursuit of staffing them. Escapist...
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    In Regards to Wild West

    "Why would I need Jesus? I'm doing just fine," he said, turning back to his browser. It was open to an Escapist thread about a terrible subforum.
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    In Regards to Wild West

    Y'all still need Jesus.
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    The Dark Eye. It's from 1995. It's a game that basically retells several Edgar Allan Poe stories, except everyone looks like this.
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    The Fool's Errand (1987) is GOAT.
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    Aches and Pains

    My IBS is getting better! ...right in time for my back to start giving out! :(
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    Let's talk about Yume Nikki, a game with a lot of potential.

    The thing about the "Walking Dreamscape" games is that you need to play them while trying to relax. Often, they will not relax you. But they're much easier to navigate and play if you're getting satisfaction from the act of navigating.
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    I AM BACK!!!!!

    Glad to hear you're fine. Has there been any notable unrest down there?
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    Poll: *Why racist people are hypocrites*

    I mean, nothing's that simple. Martin Luther was ragingly antisemetic. Doesn't stop me from celebrating the Reformation's 500th birthday (based off his actions and influence). These are bad qualities in people, but people can be redeemed and do good things in spite of bad qualities.
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    A Letter to the Moderation, and a Defense of Wynn.

    "Eugh, that Avatar makes me personally uncomfortable." "This is a personal attack!" Man, moderating these forums sounds like more of a chore daily.
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    A Letter to the Moderation, and a Defense of Wynn.

    The thing that started the final stretch was a dude posting an entire metal album's lyrics for the lulz. Most of the responses were variations on "IT'S ARRRRRRRT", which tells you all you need to know about it. Mods deemed a couple of the posts about a chick literally raping another one...
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    If you could change one day

    I'd go back to that time I said "Yeah, tech school for electronic engineering sounds fun" and punch myself in the face. Then again, if I hadn't hated it so much, I wouldn't have ended up in missionary work, so maybe it's just as well I wasted the money.
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    A Letter to the Moderation, and a Defense of Wynn.

    One of the Retsutalks was about Slowbeef's demodding (voluntary), and he made the comment "I've had to probate PizzaTime several times for just being a bad poster." Imagine how the usual suspects would respond to moderation like that. xD
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    A Letter to the Moderation, and a Defense of Wynn.

    Oh my gosh yes PLEASE
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    A Letter to the Moderation, and a Defense of Wynn.

    That's a whole lot of words in which absolutely nothing new is said. I still think that "the usual suspects" should be forced to moderate a forum and face their own doppelgangers, though. It's all well and good to denounce people with roles you've never had facing trappings and roadblocks...