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    Question of the Day, November 23, 2010

    As long as hardcore and nightmare scale properly. If I just have to sit and hold down the fire key for two minutes to kill one guy, then no. At that point it turns into tedium and isn't an increased skill setting.
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    Question of the Day, July 8, 2010

    I said Yes, but in truth I don't like my real name so I wouldn't *want* to. Besides, doesn't this move end up with a million John Smiths and the like? So what, the avatar becomes the unique identifier? And, now that I think about it, how are they planning to verify my "real" name -- that...
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    Question of the Day, May 24, 2010

    I said Earth, of course. But, then wondered if I was just saying that because it was the "right" thing to do. Hmmmmm. What an odd question. I like your spin on this!
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    254: The Games That Bind

    My, now husband, and I bonded over CounterStrike a little over ten years ago now. For the longest time (pre console ownership) I used to watch him play on the PC or I'd join in a remote co-op mode. Later, finally caved and bought a PS2 and 360 and found the joy in sharing the controller...
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    Escapist News Network: Atari's Gambit

    I burst out laughing (at work, not the best idea) over the Headshot segment! LOVED IT - Graham, that was hilarious and brilliantly acted! OMG thank-you!! Love the new opening title with the reporter images but what happened to the blue jumpback background - it's been MIA for a few weeks?
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    Poll: mass effect character creating

    HAHAHA I like that!! I find it very hard to watch vids of other Shepards out there - like hearing a familiar voice come out of a stranger's mouth, a bad dub or something.
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    254: Playing for the Story

    Thanks very much for the article. I enjoyed the read and find kindred in your experiences. It's made me look at something in my own game-life I hadn't put into context before (TLDR at the bottom as usual). Ignoring the girl factor, growing up playing games on "normal" or lower somehow...
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    Recommend some PS2 Titles

    A fogotten gem for sure: Just for the uniqueness and fun of the game - check out Psychonauts Check out Zero Punctuation: Psychonauts for the review as well. It's a fantastic, just enjoyable game!
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    Question of the Day, May 5, 2010

    Pratchett's point is valid for this particular issue and I understand how the DRWHO story lines can be frustrating to a writer for exactly Wicky_42's point here and my previous essay post on "rules". DRWHO is a fluff piece, one I enjoy very very much, *if* I don't over analyze it or think too...
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    Question of the Day, May 5, 2010

    Very nicely said! I think the problem is that as soon as something is set in "outer space" it's pigeon holed into being called Science Fiction. Too much black and white labeling here when the stories, good stories, are never really one or the other (of any genre).
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    Question of the Day, May 5, 2010

    I had the joy of being in a, brief, conversation with Spider Robinson a few years ago regarding exactly this question. Here's what I got out of it (TLDR at the bottom): Turns out guideline for both SF and F are the same. Robinson made it clear, to me, regardless if you're talking about...
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    New Mass Effect 2 DLC has been released.

    Ha - good catch - actually it was a slip of the fingers (disconnect between my brain and keyboard). I was thinking RPers but, you make an interesting point. Any maybe this is all semantics but, it was an interesting thought exercise for me - take it for what it's worth ;) I would slightly...
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    New Mass Effect 2 DLC has been released.

    I think the typical DLC expectations are bogging people down here - BW is trying a different format and I think it's great but, I concede that maybe they're marketing tactics and wording are wrong - ultimately leading to the disappointment shown by the general community. Charging for...
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    Publisher?s Club

    I realize this is comment +250 and may never actually be seen - but I wanted to try and say thanks. I was looking the other day for a way to support this site financially and am very glad this popped up. Thanks for the opportunity to let me show my support for a fantastic site!
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    Escapist News Network: Games for Pets

    My cats would be happy to join that study: