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    Who is the WORST Superhero of all time? The main character, voiced by and based on Pamela Anderson, is a stripper named Erotica Jones who is also the superheroine/secret agent Stripperella. It is rated TV-MA in the United States.
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    Who is the WORST Superhero of all time?

    well another useless hero besides armless tigerman and aquaman:! best hero ever is the mentally unstable:
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    (NOT TO DO WITH GAMES)Why do most bands suck when they sell out?

    Korn started to suck honestly What happened to their odl style Drummer+guitar guy left ;X
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    Half Life 3 wishes

    Imo the problem of hl2 and all the episodes is that they are build with the same scheme First you only got a crowbar then a pistol etc etc after that you later get a car drive sum get arocket launcher to fightstriders and that on every episode I mean we got it by now i guess Imo thats just...
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    Duke Nukem Forever.... and ever and ever and ever.

    They said they will give out serious information 3 month before the game gets released :X So well wait 10 more years Imo Duke Nukerm will be an average FPS at its best Even the Graphics wont be able to scratch crysis :X I wonder how they can even make ++++ money with that game after soo much...
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    Your best kill in a game ever!

    Half Life opposing Force multiplayer: I had a sniper rifle and was standing on a high placed platform and one of my opponents was using the gun(dunno how to call it anymore) to eleveate himself from the floor to some higher platform (80-89 meters higher) i saw it instead of sniping i ran to the...
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    Pc Games market dead?

    80 % off the games are unkniown/not for all kind of pcgamer Like Mmorpgs -> i doubt that anyone plays like all mmorpgs out there There are 1-2 games on the rest of the list but the core are the multiplatform games >.<
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    Pc Games market dead?

    Did anyone else notice the lack of good upcomming releases for pc this year? There will be some titles like: MassEffect(xbox port), Alone in The Dark (multiplatform), Farcry2.... But my point is in total there are really really few titles which the pc gamer has to look forward for >.<...
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    Zero Punctuation: Tomb Raider Anniversary

    TombRaider died after Episode 3 Rest is just garbage Ofc funny review again <3 Yahtzee
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    Zero Punctuation: BioShock

    Oh well thanks for clarifying that ^^
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    An Uncut Manhunt 2 Hits the Warez Scene

    If you click the "sequence" link for you tube this message appears: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Take Two Interactive gg
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    Zero Punctuation: BioShock

    Anyways just tried to view the bioshock zero punctuation vid on you tube.. If you click the vid thats the message you get: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party. Seems like they cant handle criticism P.s: Well i didnt use the vita chambers and...
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    BioShock Spoiler Thread

    **BIG SPOILER**->Ending Well i wonder what the other endings are so ill write the good one down and hope soome1can tell me the bad one Well after you turn into a big daddy,face fontaine and the little sisters kill fontaine you see how you and the little sisters go back to the...
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    Games That Deserve Sequels

    Funny one^^ I wonder if it ever gets released I mean its been over 10 years and since the start of the development they switched several graphic engines (licensing costs) additionally ofc the cost for the staff etc Why does it still get financed ? Even if the game is good i dont...
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    What have you been playing lately?

    Resident Evil 4 Pc Version Just played it through today Q_Q