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    League of Legends Tournament: LGBT Players Have "Unfair Advantage" - Update

    I think that this rule change is terrible and misses the point entirely about trying to include more groups of people into LoL. However, I think there's a chance there's a mis-communication here about what they mean by the word "gay". In the Philippines, they use the word "gay" to also refer...
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    Rockstar: GTA 5 Let's Plays Good, Spoilers Bad

    I think it's a great set of rules. More importantly, Rockstar actually made their rules clear to everybody. This is the kind of thing Nintendo really needs to do.
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    Black Ops 2: Apocalypse Hits Xbox 360 This Month

    For that content, 1200 Microsoft points is...a really good price, actually. Give COD all the crap you want about it's terrible story and toxic online community, but when it comes to DLC they're among the best.
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    Winners Don't Use Drugs: A People's History

    It's great to hear a little background about the most recognizable screen in arcade history. I can't wait for next week's article!
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    Gallery of the Day - Nice Racks

    Wait, why in the hell does your post count keep chang... "Server Administrator" Cheeky bastard. You're my kind of bloke.
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    Gallery of the Day - Nice Racks

    That first one is the most beautiful damn rack I have ever seen. If only all shops kept their racks in such pristine order.
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    Ace Attorney 5 DLC Adds a Full New Case

    That whale has a moustache. Well played, Capcom. *Hands Capcom his wallet*
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    Don Mattrick Details His Plans to Turn Zynga Around

    Edit: Sorry, double post.
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    Don Mattrick Details His Plans to Turn Zynga Around

    In the most corporate way possible, he's basically saying he's going to downsize like a mother trucker and help cut the tremendous amount of bloat at Zynga. Not a bad plan, really. Zynga looks like a textbook example of what happens when you expand way too fast and cutting a bunch of that fat...
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    Super Smash Bros. 3DS And Wii U Drops Story Mode

    Fine with me. I liked Subspace Emissary right up until about halfway through when everyone gets trophied and you spend almost the entire second half of the game going through dungeons finding them. I called it "The Dungeon of Infinite Padding." Sure some of the scenes were good (ROB's especially...
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    Flintstones Flick Features Prehistoric WWE Wrestlers

    And that was glorious. Anyway, I'm a fan of the WWE, but I'm having a hard time seeing the return this will get. I think this may be an extension of when The Rock called John Cena "Fruity Pebbles." The crowd loved it so much that a partnership deal was made to put John Cena on the actual Fruity...
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    Nintendo Wants Its Cut

    As I wrote about on my blog on Destructoid, Nintendo is really missing out on a huge opportunity. They're depending on YouTube's Content ID system when they should just be posting clear guidelines about what does and does not constitute infringement. Really, the biggest problem is the lack of...
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    Amazon Adds NFL Sunday Ticket to Madden NFL 25

    If you were already planning on getting Madden, this would definitely be a good reason to upgrade to the Anniversary edition. For a guy like me who also plays fantasy football, this makes free Sunday Ticket even more tempting.
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    The Perfect Non-Gamer Girl

    I share this kind of relationship with my girlfriend. We're both gamers, but we find such great perspective when we talk about the things that we don't share in common. I'm more tech savvy and spend my time writing while she's way better at math and is skilled in sewing. When we talk about...
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    Windows 8 Hits 100 Million Sales

    I work with technical support at a community college and I can tell you implementing that OS here would be a nightmare. I've played around with Windows 8 and on a touchscreen device, it seems to work just fine. On our desktop computers, however, it's an exercise in frustration. The cumbersome...