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    Poll: ME3 EC didn't fix anything

    Oh, Bioware. I give you credit, you stuck to your guns, the 3 endings are ultimately the same, fewer plotholes now though the big ones still loom to me. It was your work and you stuck to it. It's still big ole pile of crap as far as I'm concerned, it just stinks a little less now. But...
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    BioWare talks about the next Dragon Age.

    I remain a skeptic. Bioware has lost me as preorder/Day 1 buyer, they will have to earn me back. I'm not even a Retake Mass Effect supporter, I just think their work recently has seemed shoddy in alot of ways, the Mass Effect 3 ending being just one in a line of decisions I find distasteful...
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    Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut ~ It's Official :O

    A good compromise is one where everyone walks away feeling unhappy.
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    Short survey on Backpacks (Chance to win: Terraria!)

    If you travel to Work or School and carry electronics, would you say their physical safety (Due to water damage, damage from general force on your bag or damage to your phone as you take it out) is a real issue to you? (1-10, 1 being "Of little concern" and 10 being "Of great concern") 10...
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    Trailers: League of Legends - Xerath Art Spotlight

    I just threw my wallet at the screen. Riot take my money and give me this champion.
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    Trailers: League of Legends - Tryndamere Champion Spotlight

    It bears mentioning here that the spotlight was not made specifically for the new skin, Riot releases spotlights for brand new champions or when and older champion get's a rework. Tryndamere falls under the latter scenario as well as Kayle, since the two reworks came out at the same time. Also...
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    Bombing Japan Saved More People Than It Killed.

    While I totally agree with the OP, I'm surprised no one has really brought up 3 contributing factors to the decision to drop the bomb. 1) The exhaustion that the Allies felt after the hellish fighting on the European side of things, with none of the involved properties wanting another drawn...
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    After 5 years, World of Warcraft has finally been dethroned according to Xfire

    Indeed. Such as this one: OMG LANCER GET BACK ON TOPIC Fine, fine. I think you guys are lookin at this from the wrong angle though, this isn't necessarily about the money, clearly blizzard makes more money from WoW than Riot does from LoL. This is...
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    After 5 years, World of Warcraft has finally been dethroned according to Xfire

    Actually people tend to spend alot of money on LoL... maybe not as much as subscription fee based MMOs, but I think the gap is alot smaller than you might think. CUE RELEVANT PENNY-ARCADE STRIP
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    After 5 years, World of Warcraft has finally been dethroned according to Xfire

    For the first time in the last half decade, PC gaming has a king that's not named World of Warcraft. The new champion? Riot's free-to-play MOBA League of Legends. Now xfire is by no means a scientific measure, but I'm pretty sure that the two are very close, and LoL may very well have...
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    League of Legends Dreamhack stream hits 150k viewers.

    This just in: League of Legends is really, really popular. They hit 160k a few minutes ago. Riot real success story now, going from just a few thousand players to being one of the most popular PC games in just about a year.
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    Canvas Promises a Psychic Journey With a Teddy Bear

    Have you seen my bear tibbers?
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    Poll: New forum rules - Yay or Nay?

    I lurk too heavily for this to really be a major concern. Basically if you act like a dick you get banned. Don't act like a dick, don't get banned. Same as always.
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    PS3 Owners Are Pissing Me Off

    A lot of people prefer to play online games. A lot of people don't like their information getting taken. Simple really. As a sidenote, why do you even care what other people do? How is it anyone's business but them what they do and what types of games they like to play. Just rude man.
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    Rovio Adds Browser Game To Angry Birds Empire

    Thank god the semester is over because this would have ruined me two weeks ago.