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    Rogue Legacy Update Unleashes Five New Bosses

    They added several new achievements. I'm not complaining because the game is fun as all hell, and they also balanced the hell out of NG+ modes. For anyone curious, the new bosses are quite hard. You get your character swapped out for a completely different character that's tailor-made to...
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    Feed Dump: The Marijuana Episode

    But as of July, Alex will have to say that he has indestructible, since that becomes a keyword. (Magic jooookes!)
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    Humble Bundle 8 Grows 4 Games Humbler

    So, guys, I'm just going to say this: If you do not already have Intrusion 2, here is your chance. Get Intrusion 2. Little Inferno isn't a platformer, nor is English Country Tune, and Awesomenauts is more of a MOBA than a platformer. That leaves 2 puzzle platformers and 2 action...
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    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Dump Faces Excavation

    Ouch, yeah, that'd do it. I still think that the reason it's so infamous is more because of the financial flop. It would have just died the typical lonely video game death of obscurity were it not for the sheer financial backing that was put towards it. We know of its horrible gameplay so well...
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    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Dump Faces Excavation

    Eh, never played it and don't know how bad the game itself was, but I do know that what made it so infamous is the fact that it was a gigantic financial flop. Atari didn't just assume it would be good, they assumed it would be great. They thought the game was going to be selling consoles. They...
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Stuck Up

    I love how you intentionally made the ending to the sketch as cheesy and cliche'd as possible just to ram home the joke. That was nice and subtle.
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    On Dongles

    *sigh* It's Zone of the End Her's. Come on man. You had the perfect chance.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Men Easter

    Oh I lost it at "ArmEGGaddon." That was a good one.
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    Feed Dump: Condoms, Roaches and Fire

    "How do you surrender to the cockroaches?" "You open your mouth." ... Welp, I didn't need to sleep tonight anyways.
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    PETA Asks Gamers To Be Kind To Zerglings

    I think we pretty much have proof of my theory of the going-ons at PETA now. "Hey, we need a cheap way to be relevant in the news again, what do we do?" "Shit, uh... we need to attack something, any ideas?" "Well... the mario thing made a big splash, maybe-" "BRILLIANT YES GAMES. Shit...
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    Jimquisition: Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed

    I was expecting something more along the lines of this: And to respond to your OT: Not necessarily. A lack of preorder purchases won't hurt a good game at all, since people will just wise up and buy it later (And it won't even be on sale! Can you believe that?) If the people all speak...
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    The Worst Big Youtubers

    People have gone on about most of the big ones already. RWJ, Yogscast, Annoying Orange, Pewdiepie... However, on an anti-this-thread moment, I have to say that I rather like sxephil because while he does go on about some celebrity stuff and whatnot he actually has quite a bit of global...
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    Kongregate Boss Claims "Core Gamers" Spend Big on Free-to-Play

    Oh hey, my... boss? Higher power? I'm not sure what you call the CEO of a company you moderate a chat for... but anyways he said something cool. He's got a fine point. F2P games really are getting better and better. With games like Dragon Nest, Spiral Knights, Tribes: Ascend, and League of...
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    Stupidist things youve heard people say

    "Man, pumas are the lions of the animal kingdom." I'm kind of cheating considering it was from a youtube video of a guy playing TF2 online, but I do love that quote so much.
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    Stupidist things youve heard people say

    Not quite as stupid as it sounds. Lifting someone who's dead or injured is quite a bit more difficult than someone who's alive and well. It's certainly not a weight issue but I'm assuming that he didn't really mean it literally. Still gotta wonder how he learned this...