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    Batman is exactly why I don't PC game

    My copy of Witch and the hundred Knight says otherwise, that game has frequent crashes and NISA has outright stated it will never get fixed
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and all things there-of.

    It's not a particular chapter or quest, it's just that energy balls that can deplete half your health and instakill npcs and enemies that sync up their attacks start very early on in the game
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and all things there-of.

    The only thing bothering me is the extreme difficulty curve, it starts going off the hook really early in the game
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    Anyone avoiding Amiibos

    The quality tends to be pretty low and i'm not interested in the features. For less than the price of 2 amiibos which could give me weapons in hyrule warriors i can purchase the entire dlc in that game so far which is a ton more content than amiibos would ever get me
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    Poll: 2014: The year of overhyped duds.

    It's a non-broken version with several added enemies, bosses, characters and a new stage. It was worth it for me
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    Is anyone else a bit bored of Jimquisition?

    Not so baffling to me, considering the condescending persona he build for himself in his videos, some are bound to take it as an attack against themselves
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    Here we go again: Anita Sarkeesian and the gaming community

    Trolls are usually vocal. Doesn't mean that they are representative of anything, and like i said, noone actually caring only about "journalism ethics" is going to touch these threads either way
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    Here we go again: Anita Sarkeesian and the gaming community

    Noone is going to come into a thread about Anita Sarkeesian to discuss journalism ethics. All you are gonna get in here are "i agree with everything she says", "i agree with her side, but not her points" or the occasional trolls. Taking the trolls such a topic attracts as representative of...
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    Bioware needs to revert years of work

    The problem aren't the companions themselves, it's the move to making those games more of a romance sim than an rpg
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    Because banning video games worked out so well for Australia last time GTA5 allows you to murder pretty much anyone, why are only the women a bad thing?
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    [Update 2] How/why are console gamers satisfied with 30 fps?

    I usually don't notice unless it drops too low or I see a side to side comparisson
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    Planetside 2: Removing the ability to crouch over corspes to prevent "sexually assaulting a corpse".

    Pretty much this. Vanishing corpses both prevent teabagging and aren't as potentially gamebreaking as not being able to crouch
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    I just want to talk about Dark Souls...

    I liked Dark Souls 2 a lot less than the first. While there had been some gameplay improvements, overall weapons of the same type now had virtually identical movesets. There were much less differences between weapons than in Dark Souls 1. It didn't help that my favorite weapon wasn't even in...
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    Poll: Persona 3 or Persona 4?

    I wouldn't call P3P the best version, it's missing both the extra scenario from FES and any kind of animation or cutscenes thanks to the PSP's limitations. Personally i preferred the characters of P3, but the pacing is a lot worse than P4
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    Getting tired of the "It's okay when Nintendo does it" excuse

    Pretty much this, the pricing is better and there are several free DLCs