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    Subs, sandwiches and hoagies oh my!! What is your favorite sandwich? :D

    BLT for me, not to much tomato tho its makes the bread soggy and no one likes that.
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    Poll: Donating blood

    I don't donate blood they much they prefer my Platelets cause I have lots of them. I do so every 2 weeks, its awesome they have TV's with your own DVD player so bring a movie and sit back and relax
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    The Big Picture: A Disturbance In The Force

    When it comes to who should direct i was really hoping for Matthew Vaughn to get he job, J.J will most likely do a fine job but I'm kinda hoping he will bring his A game here he lists Star Wars as the reason he went into film-making and i consider this a positive sign, but i was disappointed he...
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    The creepiest/scariest real world things?

    Get this parasitic fish tongue no joke these actually exist, and i freaks me out I'm always fishing apparently the parasites bite rather hard.
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    Humble Indie Bundle 5 Is Objectively The Best Thing

    I'm bumpin this to keep the awareness of this deal going.
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    Humble Indie Bundle 5 Is Objectively The Best Thing

    *bumps thread* lets do THIS Great Games Great Deals Great Cause Whats not to like
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    Joss Whedon Thanks Fans After Avengers' Success

    The actor has signed on to play in iron man 3 no word if this is a cameo or if hes going to be back
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    Favorite current actor?

    I have a personal tie between Michel Fassbender and Tom Hiddelston Both are very talented actors with...
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    With Spoilers, Discuss the Avengers

    Yes a girl can dream, like how I thought that Avenges was a pipe dream in the first place.
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    With Spoilers, Discuss the Avengers

    both Spidey and x-men are owned by 2 separate movie producers, if they show up even in cameo form in the avengers it will be the most cooperate finagling ever seen to date. capatcha: free rent for a year (i wish)
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    With Spoilers, Discuss the Avengers

    Is it odd when Loki are and Thor are on screen together I compare the 2 and think Loki is cuter? maybe im the type of girl who likes a project.
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    Poll: Do you care about "flag burning"?

    I don't feel that flags are the best symbol of America I always felt that to truly express your ire at a country you burn there currency, so i would go up to those burning flags and offer them 100$ and tell them to truly protest America burn a stack of those, I'm pretty certain they wont...
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    Bioware announces new ending DLC for Mass Effect 3

    if only it wasn't April 1st and if only I'm sure that Bioware wont truly change the ending.
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    Poll: ME3 - Aren't You Guys Rather Embarressed?

    I think I'm in the Other camp, when i was playing the game i keep seeing threads pop up on the Escapist all talking about the ending and how people didn't like it, i refused to look any deeper for fear of spoilers. Then i got to the ending myself and after the credits started rolling i just st...
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    Games you accidentally learned from

    god i remember theses games, my mom still plays them too she keeps a old win 98 laptop around for this purpose. OT: I would have to say Eco-quest (a point and click adventure game for kids by Serra) looking back it is a bit preachy in the environmental message but it impacted me strongly as a...