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    A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

    Call me paranoid or cynical, but i don't think a vote for the Escapist would "send a signal loud enough to be heard on every corner of the web that games, as a medium, have arrived." It would rather mean The Escapist would get more attention, and therefore more revenue from ads or whatever...
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    230: Get the Hell Out Of Dodge

    You could always wear that Cait Sith costume you had at the last Cosplay convention ;)
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    230: Get the Hell Out Of Dodge

    Maker almighty must i wait till i die to see FFVII fanboyism die? More seriously sure it was well written, and actually conveyed some emotion, except i dont think we played the same game. Having played the game several times, thinking i missed the point or something, i come always to the...