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    So now you're turning our badass male villains into girls? This is just another example of the vast feminist conspiracy at work.
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    Square-Enix Trademarks "Sleeping Dogs" as Possible Kane & Lynch 3

    I feel like the Kane & Lynch games are full of good ideas and have the potential to be good. I'm glad that despite all the flaws of the previous games they aren't giving up on the series.
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    RuneScape Gets Pricier

    They should have upped it to $8.95.
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    Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to America

    Mother 3 next.
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    The Witcher 2 Pirated "Roughly 4.5 Million" Times, Says Dev

    But adding loads of DRM wouldn't make that number go down. They probably gained loads of sales by not adding tons of DRM because of all the good press it got them.
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    Man On a Mission Follows Lord British Into Space

    Pretty sure we knew about him going to space long before then.
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    Wii U Might Support Two Tablet Controllers After All

    It could support more than one player, they would just have to use a Wii remote. It says that in the article.
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    Warner Bros. Officially Greenlights Live-Action Akira

    It was still feature length, therefore a movie. It can be anime and a movie.
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    Warner Bros. Officially Greenlights Live-Action Akira

    Akira is already a movie is the thing.
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    Warner Bros. Nabs Rights To Reddit-Spawned Film Script

    Warner Bros, what have you done!? You have just reaffirmed the faith of everyone on the internet who has a movie idea on the internet! You better fix this by making the movie awful.
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    Love Blooms in New Skyward Sword Trailer

    To be fair Link could easily be mistaken for a lesbian himself.
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    TF2 Characters Review Sniper's Book on Amazon

    Heavy majored in Russian Literature. How can he not read?
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    Game of Thrones: Genesis Trailer Underwhelms

    To be fair that sword is presumably Blackfyre which is a pretty big deal as far as swords go in the ASoIaF universe.
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    Notch Tweaking Minecraft's Endermen

    I don't mind them damaging buildings but finding trees missing one block from the trunk or random leaf blocks littered across the landscape is just annoying.
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    Sugar is Coming: Game of Thrones Cupcakes Look Delicious

    It isn't true ASoIaF food if half a chapter isn't spent describing it in meticulous detail.