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    Legend of Korra Moving to Digital for Last Five Episodes

    Man, I hope they still get to finish what they started. I'm too invested in this show to be left hanging by funding problems.
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    Civilization: Beyond Earth - Where Will You Take Humanity?

    This could be so great, I really hope my computer can play this.
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    Feed Dump: Idiot Loses Election to Robot

    That was fantastic. It was the funniest in a long while. I really like this serge fellow. Is he a relatively new friend to LRR? #notallrobots
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    Zero Punctuation: Enemy Front & Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    I think it's partially what he said (there not being a true 'good side'), but mostl because of the combat of that time. Tanks were only just introduced, Airplanes didn't go too fast, and the infantry battles were such gloryless trench slaughter that the only way the commanders knew how to keep...
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    Unskippable: InFamous Second Son, Part 2 - Smoke on the Water, Fire in this Guy

    I did not care about this game at all, but it looks really cool! 'm surprised at my being impressed with it.
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    Feed Dump: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

    HA! Poops. Today. ~Poops tomorrooow
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    Body Quirks

    I have serious bitchface, and my ears aren't symmetrical, but apart from those minor aesthetic imperfections, I do pretty well, to be honest.
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    Feed Dump: Feed Dump UK Special: Booze, Cats and More Booze

    Holy shit, Holy shit, you're right! It must be the light, no one just jumps to full on grey fox that quickly.
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    GTA V Mod Adds Pilotable Flying Saucer

    I don't know what that accent the fellow in the vid has is called, but I know that when I hear it, a tiny bit of bile comes up. Cool mod, but I guess I'll never play it. Ah well.
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    What's the most expensive thing you've bought?

    I'm surprised not to see more musicians in this thread. I myself spent 1200 euro on a 1800 euro guitar. Best deal ever. This was in a time when the euro was worth a lot more, too.
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    Batman Villains Illustrated As Cartoon Sharks

    But if they were, I hope the artist is still working on a goblin shark version of the Scarecrow. They're a creepy bunch.
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    The Hobbit Cast Swaps Genders in All-Female Photoshoot

    They look fantastic. Should have gotten bigger girls though, or at least have made them more, well, stout. I do love the way how they´re instantly recognisable as their counterparts and I especially like Bilbo.
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    Feed Dump: Runners, Sliders, Designers

    It's Chris goddamn Avellone! What is he doing being mildly funny with our favorite Canadians! Get back to making cool things with games!
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    Kojima Reveals Figurine Prototype of Metal Gear Solid V's Quiet

    I get annoyed sometimes when I realise they do this to try and appeal to me.
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    I'm sick ;_;

    Okay here is a silly story. Last summer, I failed a test. I had to redo it in the final week of august. The stupid thing about that is that I was in entirely the wrong coutry for the greatest part of that month (vacation, family visits, etc). So I spent the majority of my time there...