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    Random Answers for Random Idiots with Random Questions

    Just wanted to point out - to my understanding, mushroom clouds are mostly caused by the chemical reactions and rapidly expanding/moving gases in the atmosphere as the result of all the energy released, plus the debris pulled from the ground. The bomb itself doesn't have nearly enough matter to...
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    Sony Website Hacked By the "Lulz Boat"

    I'd like to point out amidst all the "WHY WOULD YOU HACK A LEGITIMATE CORPORATION" outcries: There are very well-loved white-hats who do similar (albeit not quite as malicious) things in order to attract necessary attention to security flaws before they get discovered by the real criminals...
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    No one buying $1 million Sarah Palin-signed Xbox 360

    People hate her because: 1. She believes that global warming is a myth dreamed up by liberals for solely political purposes. She's not just arguing that it's not as bad as it's made out to be (which is a reasonable position) - she's denying the existence of the entire phenomenon. 2. She...
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    My word L4D2 is a joyless experience offline.

    Rule of thumb - the first person to break out the insults is the first one to be wrong. If you justified your position as to why you didn't like L4D2 (a strategic team-based shooter) but you did like COD (also a strategic team-based shooter), instead of attacking him for pointing something...
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    Games with the highest body counts.

    Painkiller. The game keeps track of kills and shows them at the end. For me it was in the tens of thousands IIRC, and the game wasn't obscenely long. Just never less than 50 enemies per group in any attack.
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    Silent Hill: Downpour Poisons Water With Horror

    There are varying levels of "not action oriented" and everyone has their preference but there are in general a few ways to put in action without removing the horror: 1. Make killing the enemies just as disturbing as leaving them alive. 2. Provide such limited amounts of ammunition/weapons that...
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    World's best suggested paradox

    The is a good one. The paradox lies in the question of how the man can be surprised. By the man's logic, he can only be surprised if he is executed on a day such that no future day will bring an execution without surprise. That day doesn't exist but the closest day to it would be Monday. The...
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    World's best suggested paradox

    Close but actually 2 apples divided by zero equally infinitely many apples. Easy to see by the following: 2/1 = 2 2/0.1 = 20 2/0.01 = 200 ... 2/1E-10 = 2E10 (20 billion) 2/0 = infinity (in the limit) The paradox here is basically a false phrasing because it assumes that Achilles and...
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    Worst Book Ever?

    QFT. Also Catcher in the Rye just for the sheer idiocy of it. The writing isn't that terrible but the morals are whiny, the characters are all basically unlikable to me, and the whole thing is a prolonged fap-fest about the loss of innocence that most reasonable human beings have gotten over...
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    And the Most-Pirated Game of 2010 Is...

    Just a theory - single-player only (or at least single-player oriented, meaning existent but unpopular multiplayer) games like Dante's Inferno are more popular to pirate because stripping keychecks and DRM mechanisms out of local files is much, much easier to do than fooling some actively...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid Other M

    Since when has any Metroid game since Super Nintendo not needed good FPS mechanics? The main character's defining traits include a GUN ON HER ARM. If Team Ninja was trying to make a non-FPS game, they picked the wrong franchise. This isn't Zelda. Arguing that a protagonist is some quality...
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    Poll: 1337 divided by 0

    lim[n -> 0] (l33t/n) = 0wn3d * infinity
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    The Escapist Staff's Five Faves of 2009: Jordan

    I very much agree with your list, and Shadow Complex sounds like something that I'd love, so thanks for pointing me to it. But I object to this: Portal's story is possibly one of the most unique and (more importantly) engaging stories that I've ever encountered in a video game. And I know...
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    Worst username you've ever seen.

    "Great Hulking C*ck Fox" on Left 4 Dead. Not so much bad as just deeply, deeply disturbing EDIT: Asterisk