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    #171: A Flash of Light

    It could be Esuna.
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    #168: Cardio

    Man, I hope Rad knows a barrier spell otherwise he's gonna have digested soda and bile all over him.
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    #150: Halp

    Do I sense an epic fight in the horizon?
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    Recommend me some good DC Comics.

    Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow- Alan Moore Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader- Neil Gaimen The Killing Joke- Alan Moore 52 (Not Countdown, just 52)- Multiple writers Blue Beetle- Not the new 52 version but the one that came after Infinite Crisis- Keith Giffen, John Rogers...
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    Batman Beyond: Would Terry's Mind Games Have Worked On Any Other Version Of The Joker?

    I'd say most of the Jokers would fall for it. He's usually characterized as having an obsession with Batman and, as mention before on this forum, being insulted by what he sees as a fake Batman would piss him off. I'd also add that Terry isn't dumb, he'd adjust his speech to target whatever...
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    Batman Beyond: Would Terry's Mind Games Have Worked On Any Other Version Of The Joker?

    Only in name. It has nothing to do with the cartoon.
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    Poll: You have to fist fight the last game character you played as, how does it go?

    Last game I played was Undertale in the pacifist run. I wouldn't be able to punch the poor kid.
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    Steam Sales 2016.

    Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Undertale Hotline Miami 2 and Crypt of the Necrodancer. These games are relatively quick to get through. So far I'm really liking Shantae.
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    #122: Stealth Takedown

    For a mage he's doing some pretty rogue-y stuff.
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    #120: Nerves

    Well, now I fell silly.
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    #120: Nerves

    When did Rad start referring to Erin as babe?
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    #117: Hero Economics

    Rad, why are you so adorable?
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    #116: Just the Healer

    Idiotic and douchey? Sounds like Erin to me. Grant it, we all love her for it.
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    This Guy is the BEST Game Analyst No One's heard of

    I checked out his videos, they're really good. Thanks for spotlighting him.