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    IGN's Top 10

    Could have been a lot worse tbh. If I were to make a top 10 I would keep GTAIII, Counterstrike, and maybe Battlefield 1942. No Deus Ex though?! Fuck that!
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    Poll: Should video game movies be made at all?

    No. Way I see it, games can afford to have poorer stories than films because most of the fun comes from playing them. If you take out the interactive element though then you're just left with a shit story.
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    How's Your Social Life?

    I enjoy it personally. Although it's probably not all that healthy. I go out quite a lot, but only to clubs and pubs. I don't go on picnics or bike rides or anything like that. So it could do to be a bit more varied. But I've got plenty of good friends and the fact that I haven't died from...
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    Goddamn hangovers

    He really isn't. So simple yet so effective. The only downside is if you're so ruined you forget to do it. I generally don't drink that much alcohol anymore, normally about 2 - 4 drinks when I go out. I mainly just take uppers these days. Comedowns can suck, but I prefer them to hangovers.
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    Favourite metal album?

    I was being serious. And that's just the way my face looks. Why can't people take me seriously?
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    Poll: Do you wear jeans?

    No I just paint everything below my waist denim coloured so I can enjoy the refreshing breeze without the unpleasant business of getting arrested.
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    Favourite metal album?

    Pretty much anything by Avril Lavigne.
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    People you find impossible to talk to

    People who can't banter.
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    Poll: Christmas - Your Views

    It's for kids and Christians really. I used to love it, probably because I got presents. But now I've got a job and can afford to buy most things I want/need, so presents don't seem as fun anymore really. Just means I have to wait an extra month to play Assassin's Creed 2 so my mum can buy it me...
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    How do I survive on no sleep?

    Crack, PMA, Crystal Meth etc. Just going to sleep is probably easier though.
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    What do you like to do at the beach?

    Leave. Immediately. I've never understood beaches. If you want to swim go to a swimming pool where the water is warm and you don't get sand in your ass.
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    Poll: Would you have been an adventurer?

    Anyone who picked something other than the last option is obviously insane.
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    Poll: Most Attractive Accent

    Scouse. But that's not on the list so I picked Russian.
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    '******'... Really?

    Nostalgia. For me anyway. I don't really use the word ****** because it's more of an American thing, but when I call people gay as an insult it's just because I find it funny how I (and most of my friends) used to use it an as insult when we where kids without really understanding why it was...