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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

    Personally I think GR:FS has been dumbed down to meet the COD and BF kiddies and I am extreamly dissapointed with it. Its been said before that all the toys make its really overpowered - I even played through a few maps without firing a shot as I could litterally say to my guys "shoot that...
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    Kicking The Habit

    Personally I find that its best to try and ration your gaming time to try and give yourself enough time to enjoy your hobby but also give yourself enough time to carry on with your life. Its very similar to giving up smoking or going on a diet - if you go cold turkey and cut it off completely...
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    MMOs Need More Bastards

    Play EVE. Nuff said really - plenty of bastards in that still!
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    A Farewell to Galaxies

    SWG was my first ever MMO; I played the beta and made a lot of good friends (some of which I hope to see again in SWTOR :D). Personally I felt that SWG (Pre-NGE) was a good game but poorly implemented; the crafting system ment that unless your quality was uber your stock was useless and no...
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    BioWare Teases The Old Republic Announcements for Comic Con

    I doubt it'll be the full release date simply because the devs on the forums have been saying that they'll make a HUGE deal about it and to 'slip it in' at an event like that after saying how big and obvious they will make the release date annoucement won't go down well with the fans / forum...
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    Tainted Love: The Marketing of Duke Nukem Forever

    Bad game was bad; I found that the game itself suffered from it trying to be modern enough and suffered from the only 2 guns thing, low ammo count & regen health. Without them I think it would have been a lot more 'old school' / doom / Duke 3D fun of shooting the crap outta stuff FPS game...
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    Early Ocarina of Time Concept Featured Much Less Link

    Typo? Don't you mean an FPS not and FPS?
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    Trailers: Operation Flashpoint: Red River: Unfinished Business

    Its a weird one this as the game has been out in Europe for a while now. Codemasters is a British company but the game doesn't seem to have a big 'America great, Chinese bad'; more of a being in the wrong place at the wrong time vibe. No map editor that I am aware of (even in the PC...
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    The Big Picture: Maddening

    I completely agree with you Bob. Unfortunatley as usual the cover poll is nothing more than a popularity contest where people vote for a guy who like purely on a professional level or have some sort of feeling of respect for him because hes had a good season / was on a team you like / is on a...
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    Peter Molyneux Wants to Help With Syndicate Remake

    Synidate was awesome back in the day, but a re-imagining has the potential to be bigger than one man. The setting, environment and story are all strong enough to hold on their own so anything Molyneux could bring to the table would be redundant. Sometimes starting from scratch is a good...
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    Show, don't tell, Dragon Age 2.

    I guess DA2 is like Marmite; people either love it or hate it! :P Personally I thought it was OK but not epic uber great as everyone was saying: - Only 1 tank character? So if you don't play the tank yourself then your stuck with Avaline the WHOLE game. You don't have to have a tank but...
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    Personally I think that PC gaming has not died or even dying; it just has a limited audience than it used to. Lets face it, in the old days consoles were a good few steps behind PCs in graphics and processing power and was the goto for most developers. Even the interface on PCs were much...
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    Cheat codes you will always remember.

    Up, C, Down, C,Left, C, Right, C, A + Start Sonic 1 I think on the megadrive!
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    Poll: A Clarification of Sex and Gender

    Sex and gender are synonymous when you don't use the word 'sex' as meaning the act of sex. Medically there are only 2 human genders, male & female. Even transgenders are still technically one or the other gender based on DNA, regardless of how they appear or whatever operations they've had...
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    Poll: Star Wars The Old Republic

    Been keeping my eye on ToR for a while now; its looking like it could be really good :D WoW killer I doubt it, but at least it would take a good crack at it and if bioware make another epic game then it could do well. Going to level a sith warrior first as a tank spec as my I played one in...