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    Dark Souls 2: Lvl 55, Still can't beat The Pursuer.

    Believe me, it really isn't as bad as you think it is. I had massive problems first couple of times I fought him, but you just have to learn couple of tricks and then hes really easy. If you still having problems, I suggest you simply engage him, and just watch his moves - don't attack, just...
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    Dark Souls 2: Lvl 55, Still can't beat The Pursuer.

    Strafe RIGHT while having lock-on. Stay CLOSE to him, dont do more than 2 swings. If you have to dodge, dodge INTO him, not away, or his lock on will chop you down. I had problems with him too, until I started using my head, then he became cakewalk :d
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    EverQuest Next Redefines Next-Gen MMOs

    Kind of off-topic, but I find it weird that they say "voxel-based" as some sort of general term. I'm sure many people who work with/study computer graphics don't have a firm grasp of voxels (unless they work on something that specifically uses voxels for one purpose or another), not to mention...
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    Microsoft Confirms Self-Publishing on Xbox One

    I'm not really following news on Xbox One that much, but is there a single major contraversial thing left that wasn't changed/canceled since E3?
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    PS4 Trumps Xbox One in Gameplay Capture Length

    I bet they can't wait to see that. Praise the forced social features on next gen consoles!
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    Gearbox Announces HD Remakes of Homeworld 1 And 2

    Well actually Homeworld 2 still looks pretty damn good even on this day. I've completed it's campaign again few months back, and was quite surprised how well it still looks and feels compared to today's games. I guess visual aesthetic is much more impressive in that game rather than just pure...
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    Epic: Photo-Realistic Graphics Will Exist Within Ten Years

    You can make photorealistic looking games with today's tools. Well, atleast they would somewhat photorealistic in screenshots, but there are many things that completely break down photorealism - mediocre animations, unrealistic response/feedback from the environment etc. Photorealism in games...
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    Full Metal Genesis

    I felt the same, and watched. Now I hope I could unsee it, because it was that fucking horrible, and it also made not watch any anime at all, unless it has very good recommendations from sources that I respect.
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    Microsoft Drops Fees For Patching Xbox 360 Titles

    ...Oh wait, this is only for 360? Wow, generuos indeed. So all the indies with Xbox one still getting screwed over?
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    Modern Warfare is a Comforting Lie

    Well it is trying to simulate all the technical aspects of warfare. Failing quite often, but succeeding often as well. It has a long way to go, but anything else pales in comparison.
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    Modern Warfare is a Comforting Lie

    All politics and moral lessons aside, whole technical aspect of the Modern Military Shooters (MMS) is just flawed to the core. They simply do not portray how actual military engagements happen. You do not run through the streets with you assault rifles. You do not go into crossfire with enemies...
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    BioShock Infinite Columbia's Finest DLC Hits Steam

    Wait, what? This isn't DLC, this is simple money grab. Couple years back, this is what cheats used to do - give more cash/points/resources, spawn extra ammo/gear, now you are supposed to pay for that? For shame Irrational Games, for shame...
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    Microsoft Cancels E3 Post-Conference Info Session

    Well E3 specifically is completely consumer oriented event, where the only thing you can expect is advertisement and over the top PR crap.
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    Did HL2 Cap Facial Animation?

    I'd argue that the scene you talking about looked greatly mostly due to artist's effort put into, rather than specific technology used. I remember face close ups from Spec Ops the Line (especially after Willie Pete scene) and most of the time it was fantastic (it uses UE too) in fact that god...
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    Did HL2 Cap Facial Animation?

    I'd prefer if we would leave fanboyism out of here. You might not have liked the game, but what does it have to do with quality of facial animations or lack of thereof?