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    Unskippable: The Darkness 2

    The other guy says "That's his left, dipshit." It's just hard to hear because Paul and Graham are talking over it.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Fun With Microwaves 3

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    Xbox Evolution

    So does that mean you just Rickrolled everyone who watched the sketch and they didn't even know it? Awesomesauce.
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    Feed Dump: Test Tube Beef

    I would actually be willing to try lab-grown human meat. Assuming I could get some kind of guarantee in writing that it was lab-grown and they didn't just raid a morgue or something.
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    Portal-Themed Nursery Starts Baby Off Right

    Well, they can always get a talking turret plushie [] instead...
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    Fake an Alien Invasion, Save the U.S. Economy

    My point is, part of the reason the US was so prosperous during the '50s is because they did the manufacturing for everyone else. It's the same reason China's economy has been rising--they're exporting to other countries. It's a good way for a country to get rich at the expense of others, but...
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    Fake an Alien Invasion, Save the U.S. Economy

    Sure, WW2 was good for America, because afterward it was the only major first-world country that didn't have its infrastructure decimated by bombing, and therefore had a near monopoly on manufacturing. The post-war era sucked for the rest of the developed world. Try again, Krugman.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Ransom

    Am I the only one who finds this sort of marriage proposal more than a little tacky? Any sort of public proposal is problematic, because there's enormous pressure on the other party to say yes regardless of his or her feelings on the matter. And when you don't even have the balls to ask in person...
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    Get the Portal 2 Soundtrack (Legally) Free!

    Exile Vilify is available for purchase on iTunes, so it's unlikely they'll give it away for free.
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    Get the Portal 2 Soundtrack (Legally) Free!

    Dare I hope that eventually GLaDOS will get an album of her own? (Seriously, Valve, do it. We all love hearing Ellen McLain pretend to be a singing computer.)
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    Dyack: Fart App Flood "Disrupting" Entire Videogame Industry

    Dyack is misinformed. There are 17,000 total apps in the App Store. A quick search for "fart" in said store brings up about 900 hits, which is a pretty significant chunk of the total count but nowhere near what he seems to think it is.
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    Dyack: Fart App Flood "Disrupting" Entire Videogame Industry

    Yeah, it added the aspect of not being able to friggin' see what you're aiming at. How the game ever got so popular is beyond me--I played the free demo for two minutes and got fed up with it.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Back It Up

    *watches video* *chuckles* *goes to back up her computer*
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    Politician Apologizes to Neil Gaiman After Mother Scolds Him for Name-Calling

    The more I look at what passes for political discourse in the United States, the more I think that the whole freaking country still needs its mother to look after it.
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    Critical Miss: Mass Effect 3

    So it's like the Zen Garden minigame in Plants vs. Zombies? I approve!