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    Zero Punctuation: Injustice 2

    Scarecrow was a neat addition. Hes like a dark edgy Dhaslim thats much easier to use
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    Favorite Catchphrase/Running Gag in anything?
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    UPDATED Darksiders 3 Has Apparently Leaked on Amazon, Including Screenshots

    Does this mean Ds4 is going to be about a demigod that makes everyone die of hunger? I dont want to pis in peeps cheerios but i feel like its going to be called a Bayonetta clone... and that game modestly succeeded even after folks actually wanted the sequel. Thankfully it wont be limited to...
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    Zero Punctuation: Remastered Editions

    Spraying the skidmarks with vinegar before they go in the washing machine will get rid of most stains
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    Rumor: Nintendo Working on an SNES Classic Edition

    Or just learn how to build a RaspberryPi and learn the latest emulators
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    Robot Trained to Shoot Guns is "Not a Terminator," Insists Russia

    Pretty sure the weapon from Magnetic-Hollow-Point-BulletsMan would get the job done
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    Get a Bunch of THQ Nordic PlayStation Games in the Newest Humble Bundle

    $1 is still too much for Arcania. Im very scorned about it. I bought it on 360 when it was around $30, and it was turribul. Then because i am a glutton for bad ideas, I bought it for PS4 for $40 under the delusion that it would run better. It doesnt. OH and for some arbitrary reason...
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    Zero Punctuation: Horizon Zero Dawn

    Im disagreeing with you Yahtzee. I am never tired of M.L.F.S. Really bugs me how there isnt more appreciation for MLFS, since even into my late teens ive always been a fan of the MLFS. Im done now.
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    Resident Evil 7 Producer Says a New Dino Crisis Would Be "Really Exciting"

    That could actually work well with the RE6 gameplay style. I mean Dinosaurs would seem more appropriate for action survival than horror survival.
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    Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XV

    FF8 SPOILERS *Child conscript, out of several thousands world wide, who are tasked with inevitably killing a possessed victim of a evil time traveling sorceress, victim who also happens to be the closest thing the protagonist had to a mother figure, FF9 SPOILERS *Bio & magically created...
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    Nordic Games Rebrands to THQ Nordic, Has 13 Unannounced Titles in Development

    Im not super familiar with Nordic games but i have been keeping an eye on Elex since it showed up on AmazonDOTcom. It looks like a sort of dual fantasy Science future & Medieval past open world game. So im asking if Nordic are consistently good with their releases.
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    The Tao of Notch - Beyond Twitter

    Interview from 2013 if anyones curious
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    Fallout 4 Patch 1.3 Now Available on Consoles

    Hoping it fixes the Railroad Ballistic Fiber option. Been driving me nuts.
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    Sponsored - Playing Like Boys - Shonen Manga and the Hero Fantasy In Us All

    Good read, LK. If you ever developed an interest in Manga/Anime, youd be happy to know theyre are maybe a couple of thousand series of 'Magic Girl Warrior' available. I always dug the Naruto series for its use of many Japanese myth icons while showing that all of the ninja in the series...
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    New Fallout 4 Update Available on PC, Consoles to Follow

    Im hoping some of this will fix that Ballistic fiber glitch