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    Ten Reasons Why Pac-Man Sucks

    There sure are a lot of people in hear who... A. Didn't read the whole thing B. Don't understand sarcasm C. Can't take a joke D. Have Asperger's E. All of the above I got a little laugh out of it but, this kind of joke is starting to get old now.
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    Weirdest Place to Fall Asleep

    I woke up hung over after passing out drunk on my friends bathroom floor. That's the weirdest that I can think of (or remember).
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    Most unfriendly online community

    /b/ People have killed themselves because of /b/ I sure am proud of my /b/rothers.
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    Preferred method of de-stressing?

    It may not the the best way to relieve stress but, I find drinking until I pass out to be a good way to relieve stress.
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    Why do people say that the British didn't do a thing in WW2?

    I'm a 16 year old American and even I know that the British kicked ass in WWII. Your teacher is an idiot.
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    Man Finds Marijuana in Used Game

    That lucky bastard....
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    Nose bleeds, why?

    Last time I had a nose bleed was when I was in 1st grade. I got it because I picked my nose to much. True story.
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    The Downfall of Downfall on YouTube

    Funny how this happened on Hitler's birthday.
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    420 plans

    I'm going to make myself brownies. No, they are not going to be pot brownies, just regular brownies.
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    Hate for Canada

    Hating Canada? When did this start? I want to join! It sounds like fun!
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    Twlight Actor To Play Kurt Cobain.

    Why are they even making a movie based off Kurt Cobain? Kurt killed himself because he felt that his fans owned him, now someone is going to milk money out of his death that happened 16 years ago.
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    The "Describe a movie in one boring sentence" Game

    Avatar: James Cameron is a rich Furry
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    40% of College Students get this question wrong. AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY!

    I learned this in 8th grade and I still remember it! Foil was the easiest part of Algebra I for me!
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    Poll: Not allowed to buy an M-rated game

    Well, since it's GameStop, no, it was not the right thing for them to do. I hate GameStop! Just have a friend ID it for you. You have to have at least one friend who's 17 that you could steal for 20 minutes.
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    What should my first alcohol purchase be?

    Buy the alcoholic piss knows as Bud Light. That way, alcohol can only get better. My own personal rant: How come EVERY SINGLE party I go to, there has to be Bud Light or some over American beer that tastes like piss?! I'm American. I love my country but, we suck at making beer! Why can't the...