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    The Crow Coming Back to Avenge Itself

    Is this a remake, or is it another interpretation of the source material, like Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was based on the Roald Dahl book directly and was not a remake of the 1970s movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which just happened to be inspired by the same...
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    Next Wolverine Movie Is An Experiment, Says Director

    Aronofsky does make good films. Every single film he's made has been good. I think the "experiment" he's discussing in this interview is applying the way he makes films to superhero movies, and by that he means exactly what he says: making a superhero movie where things don't explode every...
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    Multiplayer Overview: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    First of all, I think it's really cool that you engage readers directly in the comments. I've only seen a few contributors to this magazine do so, and I think you've done so more in this thread than any others. Now, game talk. :) The thing about TF2, though, is that it is very well...
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    Multiplayer Overview: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    So, to make multiplayer better, they mashed up Counter-Strike and MW2? Right, pass. I had a love/hate relationship with CS:S for about a month. I loved the mechanics, the game types, and the concept; I hated that the game had been around for a long time and everybody playing it was awesome...
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    Black Ops Team Invades GOG Headquarters

    Yes it is. It's the first (and so far, only) game I've bought from GOG. It's even better than I remember, even. I too am hoping for System Shock 2. I missed it back in the day, largely because I didn't have a PC until I was in middle school, and it was high school before I had one that...
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    Sony: PS2 "Forever Changed" Gaming

    "...offered Internet connectivity and online gameplay for the very first time..." I thought this article was about the PS2, not the Dreamcast. But I digress: yes, the PS2 had many great games. So did the Xbox. So did the Gamecube. So has every other game system ever. Okay, not all of...
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    November 13 is National Gaming Day

    Five years ago is when we did our first program as well. It took lots of libraries doing gaming programs, without support from the ALA, for it to catch on on a large scale. It is rather unfortunate that, yes, it seems to be lighting up just as libraries are struggling the hardest now...
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    November 13 is National Gaming Day

    I'm the Young Adult (re: Teen) Services Coordinator at Wayne County Public Library in Goldsboro, NC. We've been participating in NGD ever since the ALA has been sponsoring it. It's only one of many gaming programs we offer. Several times throughout the year, we have Game Days. We set up...
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    Blizzard Explains Tough Decisions Behind StarCraft II Trilogy

    While, as far as game play goes, one may be buying three separate games and getting content that is worth as much, it's still one complete narrative split over three volumes. Now, in the book industry, publishers are constantly splitting a complete story over multiple volumes: that's why you...
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    Question of the Day, June 24, 2010

    That's exactly what I was thinking! I bet even before the Black Mesa Incident, Dr. Freeman scored more than Jordan, Erving, Johnson, and Bird COMBINED.
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    Question of the Day, April 23, 2010

    Clive Owen FTW.
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    Question of the Day, March 20, 2010

    I don't think sex scenes should be thrown in to games simply to be there. As with films and books, a sex scene should serve some narrative purpose. If you just want to tell us that this guy and this girl hooked up, then just tell us that this guy and this girl hooked up. No need to show the...
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    Medal of Honor "Won't Necessarily Push the Genre Forward"

    While I respect the man for being honest, a small part of me has to shrug and say "Yeah, and?" I mean, how could you move the genre forward even if you tried? Saying that it will be a solid game but it won't move the genre forward is like saying "I'm not gonna move that mountain, but I'll give...
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    Cloud Gaming Could "Lower the Barrier" for New Gamers

    The only way I'll ever support cloud computing is if it's 100% free. No subscription fees, no rental costs, nothing. I go to a website and click on "play game" and there I am. If I don't get to pick the hardware configuration or what games are available to me, then I shouldn't have to pay...
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    The Day One DLC Trap

    Only kinda-sorta. Ubisoft wanted to make their announced release date, so they abandoned the material that wasn't essential to the game's narrative. After they were done with the game, they revisited this material and polished it up for later. Unlike w/ Dragon Age and Mass Effect, where I...