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    If You Were Admin of the Entire Internet ...

    Nothing. How incredibly stupid of anyone to moderate the Internet. The best and funniest forums and websites are the ones that are the least moderated. Just imagine a world where everything on the Internet was moderated like the Escapist is. How boring would that be.
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    Your in-game phobias

    Dogs. I'm not even afraid of dogs in real life and even own one myself. But when I see one of those fuckers or any of its relatives (like wolves) trying to kill me in games I get seriously freaked out.
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    Facebook 2.0 huh? Yeah, no, that's the last straw Escapist. I'm out.
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    PC are you enjoying Origin?

    Haven't touched that garbage. Shooters are all shit nowadays so there's no need to.
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    I'm a vegan and I come in peace...

    Great, another humanity hater. Animals cannot reason at all. They have no real language, no culture, no emotions like love or hate, no intellectual capacity, etc. which makes them inferior to humans. This is apparent through the fact that humans are the dominating species on this planet...
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    I'm a vegan and I come in peace...

    Animals get killed and I eat them. I like meat and that's all that matters to me.
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    ME2 : Morinth - i don't get it

    Her unique ability (Dominate it was called? I think?) is pretty damn good imo. I only recruited Morinth once though in all my playthroughs. I guess if you are rolling an evil character it makes sense to kill Samara and take Morinth instead. It's just that having a powerful ultimate white...
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    Poll: Where are the Escapists distributed?

    Ostend, West Flanders, Flanders, Belgium, Benelux, Europe, Eurasia, Earth, ... Okay, that joke is just really old now, I apologize.
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    Where did all the older Escapist users go?

    My guess is that they just got banned over time. A lot of them just didn't like the new policy of the Escapist and left for other places.
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    Poll: Escapist GOTY 2011 - Skyrim vs Minecraft?

    Minecraft, it's just too important of a game not to be GOTY.
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    Skyrim is Bethesda's Biggest Game Ever

    Bethesda did an excellent job marketing wise and hyped the game very well. I haven't bought it myself yet, but I will in a few months when I've actually got more spare time.
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    The Big Picture: Words for Nerds

    I'm sorry to interfere, but isn't the UK traditionally the place with the largest gap between social classes? I mean after all, it's one of the pillars of British comedy.
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    The Politics of Conscription...

    Conscription? Can't we all just get along? It's not that I'm a pacifist, I'm just a lazy person with no patriotic feelings for his country at all.
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    Annoying stereotypes about my sexuality.

    Grow thicker skin. I think there are more pressing issues going on in the world right now than the misuse of terms regarding sexuality, for fucks sake people.
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    What songs instantly make you happy

    This one always brings a big smile to my face.