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    List of "Features" that actually will sell a game to you

    Voice work by; Mark Meer Tara Strong Ali Hillis (except FFXIII and derivatives) Steve Downes Michael Ironsides John DiMaggio Jen Taylor Developed by; Bungie CDProjekt RED Obsidian InXile Remedy Rockstar Bethsoft Bioware Infinity ward FROM SOFTWARE Turn10 Epic Games Ion...
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    Hi, it has been a while but I think this is the place that can help. It might be an obvious one but I am not really familiar with Nintendo properties that's names don't end in "ok?mon" The game was one I used to play when visiting a childhood friend nearly 16 years ago, I recall it being a...
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    Infamously bad games that you like

    I played this game through a few times, I utterly adore it, the attention to detail, the universe and everything, Christof Romuald's story was fantastic Honestly surprised people didn't like this game that much. Others: Dragon age II, natch, not as bad as people say, nowhere near as...
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    Sunset Overdrive

    I really did enjoy sunset overdrive, don't see how it is a "shame" it is X1 exclusive, this whole anti-exclusives thing in gamer community is new, and kind of annoying, hell bloodborne might convince me to get a ps4. also the ridiculously smug attitude this comic had was just painful...
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    No One Really Cares About 1080p, Says Far Cry 4 Dev

    Thing is I don't think that the whole 1080p-60fps thing really is the important thing in gaming tech nowadays, I mean realistically speaking, aside from pixel density and image smoothing, that isn't what makes a game look good is it? I mean in Halo CE:A, you can switch between the halo 4...
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    Poll: Zero Punctuation: Striking the balance between information and entertainment

    Entertainment almost exclusively, I mean, I follow his youtube channel and I would say that our ACTUAL opinions on gaming align like 35% of the time at best, but he does have some pretty funny stuff in his videos. I will say that his most recent stuff (most of this year and the tail end of...
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    Keanu Reeves is Now a Playable Payday 2 Character

    I'd love this dlc... shame that OVK is not updating the console versions... like at all In over a YEAR I really don't think I am going to buy their games anymore, The 360 version of the game is more like a paid beta for payday 2 Also, no actual Keanu? thats a shame
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    Hasbro Sets My Little Pony Movie For 2017

    Well... Im in! cannae wait for it, more pony is always a plus
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    The Big Picture: Pink Is Not The Problem

    I do think that the point was kind of misaimed here I understand what Bob was trying to say certainly, but I think the idea is kind of flawed, the "traditional masculine vs traditional feminine" archetypes hold very little importance in real terms, the fact that we ASSOCIATE the "preening" etc...
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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    Clearly my comment was misconstrued as an attack, which it was intended to be far from that, being, in part, a response to a massive amount of frustration with personal attacks that have been going on both here and elsewhere online over this whole PC vs Console issue. I wasn't trying to claim...
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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    ^^^ THIS GUY IS INTELLIGENT Im certainly going to keep my PC around for some exclusives, but primarily the next gen consoles, (X1 first at the moment) are going to get more attention from me. The PC master race stuff is part of the reason I play games on console so much more though, I...
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    In defence of Trevor, a GTA V discussion (possible spoilers)

    Sorry to reference an old post but: seems to be one of the prevailing arguments I have heard against the actions of characters and the other events in GTA V, a game which I seemed to get more enjoyment out of than I apparently should have done, at least according to the people I have...
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    Destiny Cover Art Sticks With the Formula

    Yes they are facing away, they are all looking towards the traveller, the cover shows the three main character types and the unique armour styles on each, that much is entirely obvious. Yes it looks similar to other covers that have been out there, but that is for one simple reason: it is a...
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    Gears of War Developer Jumps Ship For Mass Effect

    You do realise this is the escapist right? Seriously dude, the community here HAS to act somewhere between humourously nonchalant and downright disdainful at all times, if they don't then how are they supposed to separate themselves from those people who just enjoy games and have fun with...
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    Baldur's Gate Reloaded Goes For The Eyes

    he is all well and good, it is NIMBUL that wrecked me at an early stage! Why haven't WotC/Bioware worked on something like this themselves already?! Minsc looks a bit... small though doesn't he?