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    160: Mario Golf as Foreplay

    I could go for a long explanation and advice but simply saying: Idiot People really need to remember that girls are people too and you can talk to them...
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    Why a classical zombie outbreak would be rather underwhelming

    1) Why cover it up? 2) Don't need to vote at the UN for internal matters 3) Agent Orange is a herbicide and defoliant, i think you mean Napalm - which wouldn't remove the head and thus quite possibly wouldn't kill a zombie - though i guess if you burn off all the tendons it can't move - its...
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    Why a classical zombie outbreak would be rather underwhelming

    Where did the original 1 Zombie come from? Is this source incapable of infecting more people? Why is there only 1 Zombie anyway?
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    Getting rid of Steam.

    Change the email address for lost passwords to one that isn't yours - ideally a trusted friend. Let them have change your password. If they agree - you could decide on the conditions - they will change the password bck for you. Alternatively change the address and password to something...
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    Man! Nothing's coming out!

    I play one of the 50+ games i didn't finish yet...
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    Movie based games that are good

    Yeah that was supposed to be good. Played the demo but wasn't in an FPS mood. Heard good things though.
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    EA Claims Publishing Crown

    "Compared to a profit of $76 billion over the previous fiscal." Surely a typo?
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    Gaming on the Mac

    Direct quote, i didn't change a single word, nor the order of any words! :) To the person who calls it censorship - the original is posted above so whats the point in complaining. I guess TECHNICALLY the name on the quote should be removed... --- Mac gaming - i'd echo the call to geta...
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    Looking for a good RTS game

    Depends: Do you like C&C style - gather - build - fight = SupCom Forged Alliance DoW style - hold control points - build - fight = Company of Heroes (or DoW) Ground Control Spent points and instantly deploy - Fight = World in Conflict (i would go for this one best RTS i've played in...
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    Wii Fit?

    Such... an... obvious... joke... ...must... ...resist! Wii Fit - if it works and people use it i guess its a good thing. Not something which appeals to me but then again I don't really fall into the target demographic so thats not so surprising.
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    I really wonder why I'm even asking this but....

    Is ff7 this game? Worth playing if i never played a ff game before? (ps this is intended as a joke not a troll. Please don't get all offended.) ---- On a serious note if i WAS to play a FF game which would be the best to start with?
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    Nethack? Its pretty much the only game i can think of thats still regularly played, patched and thats older than most of its players... To be honest though i think old school refers to the style. Example when Serious Same came out it was an old school FPS - no real plot just shoot the crap...
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    SMAC Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (a personal favourite acronym) Heres where it starts to get confusing: AC Alpha Centauri AC Asheron's Call AC Assassins Creed AoC Age of Camelot AoC Age of Conan I hate acronyms.
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    How do gamers choose a game to buy?

    I play the demo, or play the game if theres no demo. If its good i buy it, if not i give it back to whoever i borrowed it off. Review tend to suck and so i don't listen to them at all. 70% of games bought online. The other 30% in shops if they are reduced or on 3 for £20 or similar deals.