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    The Plight of the Mary Sue Character in Games

    "Geralt is ostensibly considered to be disgusting because he put himself through a traumatic mutation process, the end result being...interesting white hair and cat eyes. Oh Geralt you poor lamb." Geralt had white hair from birth, Vesemir only has white hair because he's old as shit (Eskel...
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    Zero Punctuation: DMC: Devil May Cry

    well, it's not a mop. It's a wig.
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    Wah wahh Wahh DmC ruinned Dante forever ;w;

    but it hasn't been about Dante for a long time
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    World of Warcraft Could Have Been World of Warhammer

    Super Mario Bros. 2, the US version, was originally a game about a cell phone company mascot or something Yes I'm going to be that guy
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    There's More to Skyrim Than Skyrim

    Skyrim: Oblivion
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    Did anyone end up winning the Skyrim baby contest?

    For those of you who don't remember, Betehsda announced a contest where if your baby was A: born on 11/11/11 B: named Dovahkiin, you would receive a special CD-Key for use on steam which would grant you access to all content produced by Zenimax (even future games) Does anybody know of any...
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    Did anybody actually win the Skyrim Baby contest?

    If you don't remember, Bethesda announced a contest where if your baby is named Dovakiin and is born on 11/11, then they would give you a key for ALL of Bethesda's games, past, present AND FUTURE. Did anybody win?
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    Slow-Mo Decapitations Earn Skyrim an M Rating

    Was anyone expecting it to be anything else?
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    What 'mindless' games do you enjoy playing?

    Postal 2 AWP mod with a few cheats on God it's hilarious when there are 50 random machetes flying everywhere and murdering absolutely everything.
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    Portal nearly made me barf... Any games nearly make you barf?

    Source has a naturally low FOV However, having played CSS for so long at the default FOV made me essentially immune to any and all motion sickness from playing Portal :v
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    PC Battlefield 3 Lacks Key FPS Feature

    I think this is more EAs fault than DICEs EVERYTHING MUST USE ORIGIN
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    Buy Minecraft, Get More Minecraft

    You get to say "I played Minecraft before it went mainstream, man" :D
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    World of Warcraft Subscriptions Continue to Slide

    inb4 World Of Starcraft
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    Riot Games Announces League of Legends: Dominion

    Dear god. Ryze at level 3 with a flat mana yellows and quints+~20% CDR from runes, masteries and passive Q+Tear of the Goddess at the start of the game and enough left over for boots and health potions
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    Do you prefer light or darkness?

    No preference.