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    The World that Was - A Story-Driven Post-Apocolyptic RP, ON HOLD

    So, how long till you think this will be up and running again?
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    Escape to the Movies: Final Destination 5

    Did I see the kid from "The Girl Next Door" in "The Darkest Hour" preview during the prologue?
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    I never bought it, but I got it for free because it was a buy 2 get one free sale at Gamestop. I bought two great games that had been out for about two years (Battlefield: Bad Company & Dead Space), then he asked me which game I wanted for free. The only one that cost as much as the lowest...
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    Infinity Ward Not Borrowing Ideas from Treyarch for Modern Warfare 3

    I've played through all of those except Halo, Fear, and STALKER. I'm just saying that I went in there expecting very bit of story, and it gave me more than I had hoped for. Which is what I liked about it.
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    Infinity Ward Not Borrowing Ideas from Treyarch for Modern Warfare 3

    Because I liked the game that Infinity Ward produced more than Treyarch's CoD: Black Ops and CoD: World at War. I thought the Multiplayer was fairly balanced in Modern Warfare 2, and that the story was better than I had expected out of a First Person Shooter. I generally had more fun playing...
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    Infinity Ward Not Borrowing Ideas from Treyarch for Modern Warfare 3

    I solemnly swear to never buy a CoD game that is produced by Treyarch, I will however shell out for the Infinity Ward games. I believe that they are better overall than their counterpart.
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    Trailers: Call of Juarez: The Cartel - Launch Trailer

    Is Duke Nukem voicing the trailer?
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    Poll: Would you rather sleep with Chell or Samus?

    To me this is just a blonde v brunette poll. And I choose brunette every time.
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    Man dies protesting helmet law

    Even when I'm driving my car?
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    Escape to the Movies: Green Lantern

    I enjoyed it very much. I didn't think it it was that bad.
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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Mortal Kombat (2011) Fallout 3 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Red Dead Redemption L.A. Noire
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    Lord and Ladies

    So, when will this thing be starting roughly?
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    Lord and Ladies

    Here's hoping you like my character well enough to accept me.
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    Trailers: Uncharted 3: Syria Co-Op

    Is it an actually co-op story mode, or like Uncharted 2 which had 3 co-op missions?
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    Civilization V Multiplayer

    I was wondering if anyone here plays Civilization V, because when I try to find multiplayer games with it, it says that there are no lobbies currently up. I'm wondering either no one owns it, or if there's just a problem with my computer/digital copy of the game. Any help provided would be...