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    Xbox One Sales Double in US Now Kinect Isn't Mandatory

    Well lookie there, by removing the pointless thing no one wanted from the package they started actually selling consoles. I mean it's not like they didn't already try to sell the Kinect with the 360 and found out that no one wanted the stupid thing. To think where they would have been if they...
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    Jimquisition: Steam Needs Quality Control

    I feel like a year ago the complaint was that Valve was too closed off and since it controlled most of the PC market that meant smaller publishers were getting squeezed out and they need to open up the marketplace more. Which they did, and this is what happened. Valve used to be picky with...
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    Doctor Who Faces Legal Threat From Son of Tardis Creator

    "I would have sued you for infringing on my copyright earlier but I didn't have the copyright." So what legal grounds do you have for this then? You don't actually have the copyright seeing as they got that thirty years ago. You just sort of assumed you would have it by virtue of your family...
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    Update: Call of Duty: Ghosts Has 50 GB Install

    It's probably 15 gigs of game and 35 gigs of bullshit just so they can flip the bird to pirates. Screwing over your own customers just to fuck with pirates? As if they wouldn't do that.
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    Sigh, blatant flame bait? This is in incredibly poor taste. When are you going to go back to making actual humor rather than just throwing rapid fire insults to try and get a rise out of people? I don't even know why I bother checking this comic anymore.
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    Former BioWare Writer Plans to Work on New RPG

    I suppose people would rather the developers not waste money by hiring someone who isn't actually useful for anything. We know that any characters, dialogue or plot she writes will be awful. Any design input she has will be bad. Why spend money hiring someone you know is terrible at their job?
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    Former BioWare Writer Plans to Work on New RPG

    Jennifer Hepler is reviled because her writing is shit and she doesn't actually like video games. Which I think are pretty good reasons to hate a video game writer. It's basically the same reason everyone hates Uwe Boll.
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    Update: Elder Scrolls Online May Have Day One Vulnerability

    This game is not made by Bethesda. This game is not built in the same engine as any of the previous games. This is a very silly article.
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    Earth's Whitey-est Heroes

    For the love of god, don't bring in Spider-woman. Please please please. She is so terrible in every way and has always been terrible. Stop bringing her up, the only reason she was an avenger was because Bendis has a bizarre love for terrible characters. Luke Cage and Iron Fist in a Heroes for...
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    Escapist Podcast: Bonus: Mass Effect 3 With Spoilers Part 3

    You said there are 16-17 endings if you iterate through them. INCORRECT There are exactly 6 endings. Destroy BAD - Everything is destroyed (based only on war assets) Destroy Neutral - Reapers are destroyed (based only on war assets) Destroy Good - Reapers are destroyed, Shepard wakes...
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    The Big Picture: Mutants and Masses

    Bob, Bob, Bob. I'm guessing you haven't actually played Mass Effect 3, or maybe you would understand the outrage. The ending, is a crime against fiction. It throws out every single one of the running themes of the series, breaks all characterization of both Shepard and the Reapers up to that...
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Was Intended To Polarize

    The only polarization is between actual sensible people and rabid Biodrones who would rather kill themselves than admit Bioware screwed up. The endings are not diverse. They are all the same except for the color of the explosion and who walks out of your ship at the end, which by the way is...
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    Amnesia Studio Teases a New Game

    I'm getting the link to Boreray island in the UK as well. No China here boss. Course there is a big lake and only one inhabitant after the rest of the population was evacuated. I'm sure there is something you could do with that.
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    Escapist Podcast: 033: Tim Schafer & Doomsday Preperation

    Can I make a request for the next podcast? 1. Make your time notes accurate. Don't tell me you start talking about Double Fine at 29:35 and then blather on with self indulgent crap for another five minutes before you actually say anything. 2. GET TO THE POINT. Get some notes or an agenda...
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    Tim Schafer Raises $1.3 Million - Update Again

    The business model is about leveraging reputation and trustworthiness, into capital for game development. Activision and EA have spent most of a decade destroying their reputation and making themselves completely untrustworthy. They are the Axis of Evil of the video game world. Would you chip...