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    BioWare Video Shows "Dynamic" Shepard in Action

    Hard Light. Why is this such an issue for people? I cannot recall any lore from the previous games to suggests that Hard Light technology doesn't exist, or that the Omni tool is incapable of such things. Also, technological advancement, and all that. Finally... since when is every game with...
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    Skyrim's level scaling.. hmmm.

    I know that crafting can get you pretty far , but I was really disappointing that there were no Dragon Weapons in the game. Seriously... I can craft a shield out of skull-plate and scale, but I can't carve a femur into a sword? It's mostly disappointing because I would have thought that a game...
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    Face it people. Skyrim isn't cRPG at all.

    Just a quick question, if I may: In what way, exactly, does DnD = forever alone? As in, DnD, a game which requires Multiple players to work, and therefor, is an inherently social game? Unless the Forever Alone meme now actually means "Forever Alone... except for all of the good friends I get...
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    You are granted godlike powers...

    so the options are: be a god, or materialism? Gee.
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    Zombie apocalypse, you can only defend yourself with the last weapon you used in a video game!

    Glass battle axe and Glass shield, both upgraded to Epic quality. I'm good.
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    Imagine opening night for MLP the movie

    Yeah... pretty much this. As active as Bronies are on the net, I really doubt too many would be brave enough to go to the actual theater to watch the movie.
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    Racism in Skyrim?

    Lol wut? I think were being trolled. Looking for a friend my left nut.
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    Skyrim Question: Does wearing a shield nullify the Mage Armor perk in the Alteration Tree?

    Here's a quick question... How exactly do you level Alteration? I spam oakflesh, yet it does nothing to improve my alteration skill. So, I assumed that I needed to get hit while the spell was active, but that didn't help either. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Creepy Skyrim Serial Killer Keeps Heads on Shelves

    I would like to remind you all that the Dark Brotherhood is about more then assassination. A primary benchmark for the Brotherhood is that it's members have a sick fascination with murder, and the fact that they get paid to murder folks is just good business. You have to be more then a simple...
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    Why Jim Sterling's Mario Kart 7 review is bullshit.

    Thank you for providing me with a link; now I can actually read the article, and in doing so, actually find out why Mr. Sterling gave the score he did. Which, quite frankly, is more then I can say for you. So... what's the problem? Should I assume that you liked this game? Good. Great. I'm...
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    LGBT Community calls the Salvation Army Bigots

    Nawp. I am an openly Bisexual man, and I have actually worked for the salvation army. Not once did anyone at all discriminate against me in any way, shape or form. In fact, I was well liked, despite my sexuality. Which, by the way, I told them about during my interview. In fact, the conversation...
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    Ubisoft ask's where the next Assassin's Creed should be set

    I like Russia, myself. Not that it matters to me, since I have disowned Ubisoft and refuse to ever give them another dollar.
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    I Am Alive Dev Claims Mistranslation, Says PC Might Still Happen

    And if there is, I won't give a shit. I have waited a long freaking time for this game, but fuck Ubisoft. Telling your customers that they are pirates is bad. Making your customers sound like whining bitches is also bad. Supporting Ubisoft after they have basically called me a whining, thieving...
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    Games Aren't Getting Eaiser!

    I must disagree with posts one and two, because I frequently play older games. Some are fairly easy, I agree, and were tough when I was a lot younger. On the other hand, however, some are still really. Really. Freaking. Hard. Akjbbdfbfdb. Legend of Zelda (original as well as "The adventures of...
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    Woman Pepper-Sprays Fellow Shoppers for Videogames

    There are no words insulting enough to use on people who pull this kind of insane shit. I swear loudly and rudely, thinking of all the most horrible names I can think of, and yet it seems paltry when applied to this particular murder. And yes, I said murder, not manslaughter, because the killers...