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    New Street fighter Ultra character is just a Cammy re-skin

    A reminder that Capcom didn't have to make a fifth character and decided to anyway, with a limited budget dedicated to their fighting games. I won't deny I'm disappointed she's so visually similar to Cammy (considering there's probably like, 2-3 graphic artists max working on the new content I'm...
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    Kojima Reveals Figurine Prototype of Metal Gear Solid V's Quiet

    Fascinating how it's the only confirmed woman in the game who has the chameleon powers that require her to be semi-nude at all times. It's almost as if it was by design. I'll concede that there is the slimmest possible chance Kojima might surprise me. But seeing as I think almost everything...
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    Capcom: Next-Gen Development "Eight to Ten Times" More Work

    Hey, have some of you people who dismiss the game industry's strive for optimal graphical fidelity as a pointless endeavour considered that the primary reason this is happening is because their metrics tells them people want increasingly high-fidelity games? Sure, the general opinion among the...
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    8 Games From EA That Don't Suck

    I maintain that Dragon Age 2 is a diamond in the rough, so it's nice to see it get some recognition. It's a very different game from Origins in a lot of ways, and with the exception of the obviously rushed dungeons, I think it was an improvement in every conceivable way.
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    Capcom Pulls Marvel vs. Capcom From Digital Stores

    "Capcom being Capcom"? Really? I realise it might just have been intended as comedic flavour, but it doesn't strike me as awfully professional to throw that out there. There are people in this very thread who seem to echo that sentiment, so way to encourage that kind of unsubstantiated...
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    Jimquisition: Sexual Failing

    Dragon Age 2 is a great argument to the contrary, actually. Isabela, for example, whose sex scene occurs in the first act and is nowhere near the romantic climax of that relationship. Did you ever play the game? Just curious since it would've deflated pretty much this entire issue.
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    Ubisoft is working on at least 2 games with female playable leads. Not BG&E2, though. :(

    It might not be important to any of *you*, but I think you'll find there are a lot of women who'd love to see themselves represented in more central roles in games.
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    Kojima On MGS 5's Quiet: I Meant Sexy, Not Erotic

    That has to be the most laughably false equivalency I have seen in a while. Consider the Sorceress in her actual context, contrast her with the equivalent male counterpart, scrutinise the gendered aspects of the visual design and yeah, Dragon's Crown comes off as pretty goshdarn sexist. Removing...
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    Former BioWare Writer Plans to Work on New RPG

    Conjecture. Gaider is the only one who has ever spoken of his particular romantic writing as trying to emulate the hooks of Twilight (not the actual contents, mind you). Do you even known what Hepler was responsible for writing in that series? I can name a few things: The Anvil of the Void...
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    Kojima On MGS 5's Quiet: I Meant Sexy, Not Erotic

    I hate how people have gentrified that term to such an extent that someone can casually apply it to any discussion pertaining sexism, racism, homo/transphobia, et al. and the people who originally posed a complaint are immediately discredited as facile. There's a very good reason to call...
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    EA Offers Full Refunds For Unsatisfied Origin Customers

    Oh hey, Origin is officially and unequivocally a more customer-friendly platform than Steam. It's going to be fascinating to watch people attempt to deny this particular development, or twist it into some kind of deception.
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    Jennifer Hepler leaves Bioware due to threats by fans

    What first BioWare? What are you even talking about? Could you substantiate these claims about Hepler or are they purely conjecture? So a more egalitarian pool of options for the player and his or her particular predilections is "unrealistic" in this world of magic and dragons? Also...
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    What's So Bad About Mark Millar?

    Mark Millar is an incredulous hack who wants to have his cake and eat it. Or more accurately, have his liberal, equality-loving credentials intact while indulging in highly gendered shock factor.
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    Jennifer Hepler leaves Bioware due to threats by fans

    Pretty much. I love games. I hate gamers. I hate gamer culture. I don't even know why I've been working to enter an industry whose consumers are such self-entitled, confused and abusive little s***theads. I should probably just settle for some retail position and spare myself the headache...
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    Why the "big boobs" "absurd female design" still exists?

    There's nothing inherently wrong with big boobs. No serious feminist critic has ever or will ever make that argument. The issue with a lot of these designs we see popping up is the abject commodification of female anatomy for suspect and frankly dehumanising purposes. Furthermore, anyone...